• 1.Forced To Have The Alpha's Baby

    We're cold, dangerous, heartless beasts. There is just one thing that separates us from others of our kind. We don't believe in mates, they exist only to make us weak and pathetic. We create our own destiny, we choose our own brides. . . Not have them chosen for us. They call us, The Inhumane Blackners. . . * * * Alpha Lord Arthur Blackner belongs to an elaborate clan of werewolves that refuse to succumb to the natural process of having a mate, they saw it as a curse rather than a blessing. They chose who they wanted to spend the rest of their lives with and in Arthur's case, he already knew the woman he wanted and planned on starting a family with her. However, when she's unable to bear a child for him, he is forced by his father to take matters into his own hands and decides to kidnap a young hybrid woman to have his child. However, problems arises when the woman he kidnaps happens to be none other than his very own mate!


  • 2.A Witch As A Mate

    Everything went wrong. Being the most powerful elemental witch was supposed to be better than Lyla thought. Instead she hides in a magical disguise, hiding from a darkness that follows her. Not only that, but now there's her handsome protector she feels she needs to stay at arms length. Nicolas couldn't believe his luck at finding his mate. Becoming her protector was just the perfect way to get closer to her, that is if she will let him. He didn't realize how stubborn she could be, but he knows she will be worth all he could ever dream of. After all, she was his mate, and the most powerful elemental witch to be born.


  • 3. My Duke Won't Leave Me

    "Why did you leave the organization Master"; A young man in his mid-twenties whined in front of a young girl. "I wanted an early retirement Seven"; She answered drinking her coffee in a dignified way. Her long black hair was tied in a high tight pony while her brown doe like eyes held amusement in them. "This is not an early retirement; you just turned twenty master. You are leaving. What if we need you? What if I cannot handle the threat?"; He said in a low tone. "I am just a call away"; replying she walked out of the coffee house not wanting to talk any further. "Miss Ruhi; Seven has gone missing" The girl stood in front of an interdimensional spell while a man was choking on his blood looking at her in horror. She walked in middle of the spell as she vanished with the spell. She stood blocking a sword by catching the tip of it within her two fingers. "Now this is not the way to greet an interdimensional guest"; She said smiling at a buffed up tanned man. The man wearing a refined blue knight uniform, narrowed his eyes at the girl who was half his size. Ruhi smiled at the sceptic expression on the man’s face.


  • 4.Her Mate Dilemma

    Book 4 of the Silver Moon Series Alexandria Biloxi is the second born daughter to Andre and Coralanna Biloxi. She grew up under the protection of the Forest Pack, where she not only trained with the warriors, but also learned how to use her witch powers from her mum. She is a very confident and skilled hybrid, who only wants to find her mate and start a family. Not long before she reached the age of maturity, Alexandria and her sister Jasmine cast the same Mate Spell that Andrea and Jada made when they were pups. However, the spell backfires on Alexandria, when both her fated mate and her spell mate show up at the annual Celebration of Mates that is held at her home pack. How will Alexandria choose which mate she should be with, when one of her mates is a werewolf that she has always had a small crush on, and her other mate is a strong and gorgeous Beta who could easily protect her from anything. Follow Alexandria as she faces the problem head on and attempts to make the best choice to suit all of their needs.

    Christina McQueary

  • 5.The Alpha's Queen Legion

    "When I finally open my eyes, my blood-stained sight locked in with the last person on this earth who loved me; my father." If you would have told me 3 days ago, that after spending my entire life secluded from the world with my father, that I would be thrown into a preppy private school full of wolves. Then to have to go to war for my heart and my kind, I would have told you to f**k off. WARNING: EXPLICIT s****l SCENES AND VERY FOUL LANGUAGE. IF YOU ARE OKAY WITH THAT, PLEASE ENJOY THE RIDE My name is Tra, Queen of the wolves, a Legion. Cross me if you dare...


  • 6.Stop Him

    What was supposed to be a move away from all of the trouble surrounding the Bartholomeu family quickly turns into a nightmare for it's youngest member Gertrude aka Gigi. It's bad enough that they insist on saying her full first name during roll call for every class at her new school but now she keeps seeing this weird symbol everywhere. When she starts being haunted by a faceless girl doing everything in her power to get her attention, Gigi finds herself stumbling upon the house's dark past and into a guy who seems to hold the key to solving the mystery of the faceless girl.

    Lexx G.

  • 7.Threatened Love

    Violet is a rebel leader way back in middle school whose perfect life got messed up by her parents. One day after being expelled, Violet will get scouted by an anonymous school agent from Imperial Isle Academy that will forever change her life. Meeting Pierce was an accident but falling inlove with him whilst in mission is dangerous. Pierce Danger is trouble, a killer and a gangster. No one has the courage to face him, expect for her, except for Violet Midnight. Imperial Isle is an Academy for gangsters, for those kids who likes messing around and make trouble. It's an academy to make one stronger to be able to fight along side VIP's and Violet wanted that position, along side with the gang, and Pierce Danger.


  • 8.SnowMoon Healer

    Adelie was forced to be the mate of the most feared Alpha in werewolf world. Their ancestors had an agreement that their generation will need to be mates in order to protect their alliances. She’s bound to leave the her Snowy land to marry a man she never expected that will be paired by the Moon Goddess. She will do everything she can to break that contract and to be free from what she thinks as a cures.

    JK Bartolome

  • 9.The Possessive Choice Mate

    Mark is the Wolf Fang Alpha. A mate-less and lonely Alpha. His sister and mate was killed by his best-friend. He became the “Rogues Killer” for years but one day he changed. He met someone that changes his whole Life forever. Wendy was born a Beta Female. Never in her life she thinks that one day her mate will reject her for power. She left and try to move on in her life. After few years of being a rogue, she encountered a man that will change her life forever. A man that she chose to become her choice mate.

    JK Bartolome

  • 10.A Gangster's Pure Love

    Tragedy is the one thing that has marked both their lives. But when Lexi's life is saved by Gunner its the beginning of something beautiful in a world that is marred by death. They get a new shot at life and happiness but all is short lived when history threatens to repeat itself and death comes knocking on Lexi's door. In the centre of it all is her family's heirloom. The rarest of rubies with a beauty that can lure any eye that beholds it. Her parent's killer's want it and they are willing to take everything from her for it even her own life. How will a pure love blossom in a world that is filled with death and destruction?


  • 11.My Unique Love

    Those Memories... Zhang Why'd you Go Far Away From Me? Why? I Can't Live without you. Please Come Back. Ziye's Eyes getting teary as she just Stared at the Photo Frame that showing Their Wedding Photo As his Eyes Staring into Hers in Amusement. A phone Interrupted everything around her and there the Call ID that Reminds her that she's not the Ziye She is , in Past anymore. Zhang.


  • 12.The Golden Wolf

    This book is now COMPLETE... Book 1 With her pack destroyed because of who she is, Jamie vows revenge. She is found by the silver moon pack and earns the warrior Queen title all by her 18th birthday. They hold this years annual alpha ball, Finding her mate is the last thing she wants. She wants revenge not to be some sheltered Luna, specially the Luna of the largest pack in the U.S.A and to be mated to the ruthless, heartless alpha Kaden. ............ The last thing Alpha Kaden wants is some helpless Luna to become his weakness, No, a different girl every night will be so much easier to handle, But when he sees Jamie descend the stairs , his heart skips a beat with his wolf screaming mate mate mate ... well s**t ! For goddess sake why she looks so tiny, no way will she last in my pack ...... Will they accept each other? Will Jamie get her revenge? What happens when the rouge king comes for the golden wolf? Will either one survive the darkness to come or will fall to their knees. I reserve all rights to this story.


  • 13.The Editor's Favorite

    You should never mix business with pleasure… right? What happens when the man who is perfect for you, also happens to be your boss? Do you chance it or do you throw it away? Throw in the complicated political scene of New York City, a jealous ex, a stalker, and a billion dollars - this is not your average romance.

    Alexandria James

  • 14.I’m A Goddess?!

    God. Can he fall in love, or is he forever doomed to be seen as an emotionless cosmic ruler? Could he possibly even visit this world in disguise? Eva is your average, well, spunky teenager that lives in rural Spain; the only home she’s ever known. A twist of fate forces her family to move to America, where along the way, she meets an unusual, yet handsome young man named Leo. What’s seems so unusual about him is that she seems to bump into him everywhere, until they become neighbors in Jacksonville, Florida. A romance begins, but woven into their story are deep mysteries; it’s even almost as if they’ve known each other forever. Literally. Enter into a story that has so many twists and turns that it’ll make your head dizzy! What a wonderful love story this truly is! One that reaches to the very depths of the heart.


  • 15.Mind of Freeman. 2nd book of the Freeman Series.

    Allie March discovers her dead lover works at her company's headquarters as a janitor. He looks different and he goes by a different name but she is sure that the father of her twin boys is alive. Whether he remembers her or not, she is determined to find out what happened to him.