• 1.Claiming His Omega

    Completed. Emma grabs the front of my pants and starts unbuttoning them as I pull my shirt up and off. Her hands slide around to my ass to work the material over my butt and I shiver, the electric shocks from the mate bond works its magic wherever Emma touches and she makes sure to touch as much skin as she can as she slides my pants down. Her legs are still wide open on either side of my hips and I don’t want to move. Her position as she undresses me looks incredibly erotic. For those that are smut sensitive the exit it that way---> For those that stick around....Bravely go forth my dear friends. 18+ Comedy romance, explicit smut, sexual situations, possible triggers, a lot of cursing and LGBT characters.

    Merrily Malicious

  • 2.The cold CEO and her Musician

    Money, sex, power, and obsession are all daily aspects of Kaya Grayson's world. Never knowing who to trust or let into her life she goes about life being seen as the cold heartless CEO leader of the four horse in her small group of friends. They run the upper echelon of wealthy society like a game of chess. Now after growing up in this world her whole life she embodies the title she has been given by others "death the leader of the four horse men"! Yet no one would ever guess that her secrets run deep as she is plagued by guilt and pain. That is until the day that she meets Gavin Ashford in a nightclub. He is a well-off musician who is able to face the world with a light and fun air around him. Once these two come into each others lives it turns Kaya's life upside down and threatens to destroy all that she holds close to her heart. Through out their relationship Gavin is able to show Kaya that there are still things that are worth the fight, but can she truly let him into her heart and find the courage to face old and new demons that lurk in the shadows of her life? It seems that Kaya can only chose to fight with all that she has now if she wants to protect what she holds closest to her heart, but will she be able to stand up and fight back this time?


  • 3.Saved by a stranger

    Fall for a billionaire - Billionaire Romantic Suspense Contest Kelsey a 22 year old, beautiful and brave woman who was taken by her Aunt after her parents sudden death. Life has being going on smoothly for her, as she didn't lack anything living with her paternal Aunt. One faithful day Kelsey found out she's been living all her life full of lies, After finding out the truth behind her parents death , she decided to report to the police. On her way to the station; she was taken by an unknown, for even more unknown purpose. And after all her struggles go in vain, she finds herself being pushed off the bridge.

    Zainab Hassan

  • 4.The Alpha's Drakonian Mate

    (Book 2 of The Alpha of my Dreams) Having saved her dream guy from the fae King, Savannah Michaels thought she was done with the bad times. Blissfully in love with her mateTristan Drake and waiting for their baby’s arrival, Savannah was ready to have her happily ever after with him. But little did she know that the universe was not done throwing challenges at them.  When the mysterious Dragon Prince Xavier arrives in her life, he brings the mightiest of storms along with him. His revelations make Savannah doubt everything she has ever believed to be true. When Savannah realizes that she is the lost princess of the once mightiest Draconian realm and that her birthmark had more meaning than she had ever thought of, Savannah’s life changes forever.  With ancient oaths threatening to destroy her life, an Alpha King ready to face the whole world for her, and a Dragon prince claiming she is his betrothed, Savannah has her hands full. Meanwhile, her emerging powers are threatening to engulf her very identity and forcing her to embrace a challenging destiny. Add to that a baby which is on the way, Savannah is in for a wild ride. Will she overcome the tides or would she be torn apart from her love forever?

    Sapphire R S

  • 5. My Bad Guy

    One day, Sophia was running towards her class when she accidentally bumped into the Mr. Genius of the college, Rick. It only made her more late then she was. After having a fierce argument then and there, Sophia was scolded by her Professor too. In order to save herself from Professor's wrath, she takes Rick's name and made her escape from the current problem, only to find out that future problems are waiting for her. For Rick, who was in a fight on the same day, things became the opposite of what he ever thought. Handling Sophia and becoming her mentor was not in his plan. Somehow, things didn't just stop at mentoring.

    Maniac Version

  • 6.Her Vengeance or His Love

    The murder of her parents and other high ranking pack officials were the first of many betrayals Sadie Sinclair’s heart felt when her two best friends made a bold play for power and plotted her death. She survived the massacre with a little luck and help from some new allies, now she is out for blood. Her heart grew black with embitterment and anger until it threatened to fully consume her. When destiny guides her to her destined mate, he sees her tortured soul yearning to be whole again. Seeing the smallest crack of light within her heart, her mate offers her his unconditional love. Her fate will be decided with a final choice: Her Vengeance or His Love

    Tiara Galindo


    FALL FOR A BILLIONAIRE-BILLIONAIRE ROMANTIC SUSPENSE CHASING TEMPTATION BOOK TWO Liam Grosvenor, the coveted Duke of Cornwall, has always known what he wanted until Charlotte broke his heart with no warning. Ever since then, he had been uncertain of almost everything in his life until the moment he meets Victoria, a popular author's agent and heiress to her father's company, on vacation. Extremely gorgeous, curvaceous and rich, Victoria is the type of woman that would easily make any man fall for her but after a love-gone-wrong situation, she is completely uninterested in men. Not even a certain Duke with an irresistible appeal could make her change her mind. Two lost souls, two bitter exes that do not know when to quit, a royal family that prefers reputation over a love, suspicions, deceits, blackmails and just about a whole bunch of craziness.

    Lyn Monreal


    Rejected by her own father, a war veteran over claims she is not his legitimate daughter Arya has a rough upbringing. She does everything right over the fear of being ridiculed by her father. However, while celebrating her graduation from med school in a beach party she gets involved with a random man and the result is pregnancy. Her father with dreams of her illegitimate daughter marrying a soldier like him coupled with the hate he has for her asks Arya to abort the baby or leave. She chooses to leave to fort cannon in search of the man who impregnated her. Scott Richards jnr a successful business man, a billionaire himself and a billionaire's son is married to Melissa price Richards another billionaires daughter. And he is the father of Arya's baby but she doesn't want to cause a fuss in the media which can ruin his marriage and reputation all she seeks is audience with either Scott or his father Ben Richards. Life becomes tough for Arya, living in a single room, working as a waitress and pregnant in a city where pretty girls have to give sexual favors to men in exchange for food and other basic needs. When she can't give in she loses her job and gets thrown out of her house but on that fateful night she gets kidnapped. When she wakes up in a penthouse, her life changes for the better.


  • 9.Mafia Vengeance (Dark Romance)

    Chloe: I'm not going to stay here anymore. You're no man but a coward! She yelled all this on his face venomously, his eyes darkened more on her statement. The black orbs shining with so much intensity that she felt her legs going weak. In an instant his fingers wrapped around her neck and he was choking her. Her eyes widened, and a gasp left her mouth. She tried to pry his hand off but it was of no use. It became difficult for her to breath. Her face became red. Andrew: Tonight I'll make sure that you'll never be able to leave me. In complete rage he wrapped his fingers around her neck and was choking her ruthlessly. When he saw her struggles stop and she closed her eyes as if waiting for death to come. He threw her on the bed. Andrew: I won't even let death to take you away from me.


  • 10.Ascending: The Demon Alpha

    Eighteen years have passed since Lilith and Adrian took over as Queen and King, extinguishing the evil that once threatened the supernatural world. Now their son Derek is getting ready to take over as Alpha of the Bloodmoon pack. But as he does, new dangers emerge threatening everyone once again, after eighteen years of peace. New truths are revealed making everything they knew to be a lie. Hard decisions must be made and new battles must be fought in order to regain peace again. (Sequel to: My Birth Right)

    Abril Stubbs


    FALL FOR BILLIONAIRE WRITING CONTEST: BILLIONAIRE ROMANTIC SUSPENSE Alice Nembang, a 19 year old orphan lives all by herself in a small town in Darjeeling. She is brave, gorgeous, smart and intelligent. Not to forget she believes in hard work too. She is an ambitious person and challenges herself with the difficulties that are thrown her way. It is her unfailing and positive perspective in life that helps her become a lecturer. Priyam Fezong, an extremely handsome Managing Director of his family business is the only heir of the Shree Tea Industries. He is bound in a marriage with Alice by his Grandfather in his early childhood. Unfortunately, his would be wife is killed in a car accident along with her parents. But what happens when he finds her after a prolonged time? And what will he do when he discovers that she is already a victim to memory loss? Even worse, how will he handle the pain when he knows that she is already in a relationship with Ayush, an heir of another big business empire? The supposed car accident that left Alice orphaned is believed to be caused by a natural disaster. But how will the dangerous secret of that accident affect her life at present? What will happen when the mastermind behind her parents death is revealed. Will justice be served? Will Priyam be there for her as he'd promised to her parents? There is definitely a heinous murdered hiding behind the mask of a gentleman. Can he protect her from the person trying to kill her? Will she remember him and will they have a happy ever after?


  • 12.Ace Of Alpha

    Eviarah has been facing the most tormenting downfall of her life. She was accused for murdering her adoptive parents and the police were after her. But she knows none of those horrible acts. However, she too has no alibis upon the interrogation. She was so scared and she wanted justice for the death of her parents but she can’t do it once she’s inside the prison cell. So she ran into the forbidden forest to save herself, only to see herself trapped in a more chaotic situation.

    Author X

  • 13.My Best Friend Stole My Royal Boyfriend

    Girl Power-Rebirth Of The Heroine Writing Contest My best friend in the entire world is making out with my boyfriend at our favorite spot. Our spot! Under the shade of the trees, hidden in the forest, next to the lake that glows under the sunlight. It's been our spot since we made it official five years ago. She's touching his hair, the soft, pretty blonde that I've spent days playing with and admiring. How could this happen to me? How could the two closest people in the world to me betray me like this? . . . . . . . . When Amiera Hale finds out that her boyfriend and best friend were seeing each other behind her back, she was devastated. Her whole life came shattering before her eyes. As if trying to survive college while going through that wasn't enough, the most popular and intimidating guy in school has now set his eyes on her. He's the guy that all parents warn their kids about, and Amiera knows that having anything to do with him is dangerous and can land her in serious trouble with her royal parents. However, as she learns new things about her body through him, Amiera can't help but fall for him. . .but falling for a dark prince might prove to be the biggest mistake of her life.


  • 14.Tempting His Personal Assistant

    *****18+ CONTENT***** PREVIOUSLY KNOWN AS**MAKE YOU MINE** Love can happen when you least expect it. Same thing happens to Steven Blackstone, the CEO of Blackstone Group of Companies. A ruthless and cunning businessman from outside but a real softie from inside. But he never thought that helping his best friend in finding a personal assistant will change his life completely. Meet Jasmine Kaur, a college student who has just completed her bachelor's degree in medical science. Sweet, lovely, strong and badass all packed in one, she's a girl who loves art and is a crazy ass kpop fan. But behind the strong guard there is a broken heart that refuse to trust someone again. What will happen when Jasmine meets Steven ? Will he be able to gain her trust and make her his forever ? Or he'll be left behind by her brokenhearted instead ? Updates :- Every Friday/ Saturday.

    The Thinker

  • 15.We are just roommates

    Kylie Jones is an orphan who doesn't care about anything but two things, getting good grades and seeing her long time secret crush Kevin Davis at least once a day from afar. Her secret is out in the front of the whole school when Jade, one of Kevin girlfriends read Kylie's diary and starts bullying her for being an orphan and having a crush on a handsome boy while she is just a nerd. *** Follow Kylie's adventure and find out how she managed from being totaly alone in the world to having a huge and loving family.


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