• 1.Love me

    Xavier and Alexander have been friends since a very young age. As they grew up their bond became stronger not until Alfred , Xavier's father asked Xavier to marry a girl he had arranged for him. Of course Xavier was not going to agree because only one person ruled his heart. Because of being f****d to marry, Xavier and his father's relationship perished and his one and only friend disappeared. Xavier was locked to never see his friend and the love of his life and f****d to marry Alice. After years of being locked, he finally escapes and went on a long journey with many obstacles to find his friend. In what condition will he find his friend? Who is the one person who rules his heart and will that person ever love him back? Will they have a happy ending?



    [DAILY AUTO UPDATED] SEQUEL TO "FIVE MATES ?" (SEXTUPLET STORY-1) What if your Ex turns out to be your Mate ? * * * * * * * * * * 18 year old, Dragon-Were Hybrid, Ty comes back to Diamond Ville after 5 years of rigorous training in the Dragon’s Training Academy. He is the son of the mighty guardians- Tyson (the Dragon Guardian of Alpha Niyah Stone) and Xavier (the powerful Beta of Alpha Kyle Green). Kai, one of the sextuplets of Alpha Niyah Stone is Ty’s ex-boyfriend and it seems that the former couple is caught up in the web of fate as it turns out that a bitter Ty is mated to none other than his cheating ex, Kai ! In such a tumultuous relationship is added the danger of Xador, a villainous, formless powerful presence which is hell bent to destroy the powerful packs under Alpha Niyah Stone and her mates. What else does the Moon Goddess have in store for the couple and the packs ? Will the pranky sextuplets be able to save their ancestral packs from Xador’s evil influence and prevent harm to their mates ? Will love stories and secret missions bring beloveds closer to each other or destroy their bond ? * * * * * * * * * * - NOT NECESSARY TO READ FIVE MATES. THE SEXTUPLET STORIES ARE EASY TO COMPREHEND WITHOUT READING THE MAIN BOOK BUT IT WOULD BE PREFERABLE IF YOU GO THROUGH IT IF YOU CAN * * * * * * * * * * **SEXTUPLET means six babies born at once from the same mother

    Mia X

  • 3.The CEO

    Olivia Adams and Stephen Malcolm are two people who gave up on love or are too scared of it. Olivia accepts to become Stephen's sister's surrogate and with her pregnancy, their hidden feelings start to appear, however, their damaged selves keep on repelling the other. Every time they try and be together something stops them as if the world does not want them to be one and they both follow their hearts and try to rebuild each other hoping they don't hurt anymore.


  • 4.Love Me Like you do

    The online Love story of Trisha a small-town Indian girl with Simbu who studying a Pilot course in New Zealand. This story is all about their Love and Romance. *****Video call**** He is staring at me without a blink but not at all talking anything. what are you staring at? He said “you” I smiled and asked what. He asked me why did you change your blue dress. I said I’m going to sleep that’s why I changed into my PJs. Mm, can you put your hair a little back? It’s hiding me your view. I smiled and put my hair back and asked what view? He said your curves. I smiled and moved my gaze away from him. He called my name in low voice Trisha. I said yes. Why don’t you talk about something and divert me.? I asked Diverting from what? From your body from my mood swings and my lusty thoughts, he said in a low voice. I opened my eyes wide because of his honest acceptance.

    Sailover Deep

  • 5.The Luna's Fate

    But something about tonight seemed different. My body felt tense, like something bad was on the horizon. The hair on my arms was standing up and my skin felt warmer than usual. The pain started suddenly, like nothing I had ever felt before. It spread up my spine and pushed all the air out of my lungs, my knees buckled beneath me and I fell to the ground. I couldn’t scream, couldn’t cry out for help, all I could do was try to breathe in the cold night air surrounding me. And then the pain intensified, I felt my fingers getting longer and watched in absolute terror as my nose morphed into what looked like an extremely hairy snout....... Dakota has had this feeling of not belonging her whole life and never quite fitting in how she is supposed to. Little does she know the person she was destined to become from the moment of her birth. Join us as we follow her through the ups and downs of discovering heart wrenching secrets from her past and the epic love story that is her future.

    Jessica Prettylittletree Millar

  • 6.Tempered by the Will

    SEQUEL TO DRIVEN BY INSTINCT -DAILY UPDATES "Tell me the truth," Constantine demanded, his voice hard and jagged in her ear. When she stalled, he pulled her head back with a hand tangled in her tresses and mouthed her throat in a fierce kiss. "Tell me!" "I don't - want-" she whispered finally, and bit back a moan. "Don't bother. I know you're lying." ------- It's a hard life for a rogue mage, especially one who climbs into the hornet's nest that is the Capital. And it isn't much easier for the assassin who can't help but follow her in. Their relationship is as undefinable as ever, but Vica and Constantine together step into the arena that is the nation's epicenter of power. Here, there is no right or wrong, only the strong and the weak. Right of Magic is the Law. But for the first time, Vica believes her power is not a curse but an opportunity, a responsibility. If strength of magic is really the only law, then she is prepared to play their game - prepared to win. And from the apex, she vows, she will make things right. She will do it with passion, strike from the heart, and live by the instinct of her power. But Vica will soon discover a terrible truth that will make her waver, and the Capital will shake with her. Tenuous alliances and friendships will be tested, especially the indescribable connection between Vica and Constantine that neither can deny: things are not so simple when Constantine wants nothing less than the whole of her, but she is only willing to offer it conditionally. And yet with the Capital shaking, they will have to rely on each other in ways that may well prove their destinies have been linked all along...

    Mana Sol

  • 7.My Cruel Boss Wants Me [Completed]

    “Matt, please, go slower,” Elisse pleaded. “I’m sorry baby, I can’t stop now. You feel so good.” Matt uttered while thrusting faster. The pain Elisse was feeling has gradually become pleasurable, and she felt that she’s close to exploding into a powerful o****m. “Uhh uhh, I’m cumming...” was all she can say while her moans got louder. “c*m for me baby, I’m so close.” Matts’s moans have turned into grunts which meant that he’s ready to explode in her. They came almost at the same time, Elisse gasping for breath, unable to believe how powerful the o****m was. Matt finally pulled out of Elisse, while smiling in pleasure. “You’re amazing, baby. We’re definitely doing that again.” Elisse stood up to go to the bathroom, when she came back, Matt was spread out on his back on the bed with the blanket barely covering his crotch, already asleep. While looking at his wonderfully sculpted body, Elisse can’t help mutter: “Holy s**t, I just slept with my boss...” … and she absolutely loved it.


  • 8.A Student's Secret Love

    "Why you are ignoring me Sara. I have noticed it since day one that although I have helped you a lot but still you try to maintain distances. I am dying to talk to you properly. I have feeling for you why not accepting it?" Philip was restless in his words and highly frustrated by her behavior towards him. his eyes turn red in anger. "I told you everything about me my childhood my family but you still don't believe in me. what else I should do to get your trust?" Philip was in pleading state in front of Sara. her heart was aching by seeing him like that but her past was a big obstacle for her which was not able to cross. Will Maria would able to overcome her fears for his son's upbringing. who is going to help them in this world? will she find another man in her life or she will grow his son as single mother? Would Sara accept Philip's love? Will she be able to trust men ever again or deny his love? What would she do When her past will come back in front of her in more painful form? If you want to know all the answers, please read my story "A student's secret love"

    Nidhi Gupta

  • 9.The Royal Agreement Marriage

    HI, I JUST WANT TO INFORM YOU THAT I GOT CORONA VIRUS AND I'M VERY SICK. I´M VERY SORRY FOR THE LATENESS BUT I PROMISE THAT I WILL BEGAN TO UPDATE FROM THE NEXT WEEK LIKE BEFORE. SORRY 😣 I've stopped writing this story because I have to catch up with my other story "The Italian Don". when I finish writing it, I will inform you and start writing this story. hope you all are feeling well. Prince Andrian Williams, he is the only son for the Williams family. He is a handsome Britain prince whom every girl loved and adored. He was a womanizer and don't care about anyone, he was a selfish person. Outside the castle, he pretends to show that he is a kind and lovely person, the perfect prince. But inside the castle, he was like a monster. He treats people who work in the castle-like as they are slaves. He only thinks about women and desire. He was like a devil. Rosemary Hernandes is a beautiful Italian princess that every man wanted to marry her. But she refuses. She is a ballet dancer. She likes to dance, paint, and design. She is kind of a white heart. She likes to help people and thinking about other people's feelings. Her family is her weakness. She could do anything for them. She has ordination for helping people with diseases and homeless kids when she was only 15 years old. She was like an angel walks in the earth. What happens when the families force them into an arranged marriage? What happened when the devil met the angel? Will it work between them? will they love each other?


  • 10.HER DEVIL

    ONCE PER WEEK! At the age of five, she met the devil for the first time. At age of 16, he stole her against her will. She is an innocent beauty while he is the pure devil. She is human and he is demon king ruling over vampires and werewolves. But for normal people, he is known to be a ruthless billionaire lord. They call him devil while he calls himself ‘’HER DEVIL’’. If you all are excepting fairy tale, then that’s not the right place for you. But if you want a spicy romance and adventure then most welcome. Get in the story to feel the possessive romance of the devil. It’s a fantasy-based story. Only read if you can handle possessive stories.

    Lessie Gu(FAIQA)

  • 11.My Mafia Keeper

    Updates DAILY from 10/21/2020 8AM EST. “Wait Dylan” she called out, putting her hands that were once wrapped around my neck on my chest. “Shit. Sorry” I apologized and walked away from her slamming my fist against the wall. She clearly didn’t mean anything and I took it too far. I didn’t stop and kept kissing her and forcing my way with her. f**k. Clearly I lose all reasoning when it comes to Kiara. I’m usually a ruthless guy who cares about nobody and nothing but when it comes to Kiara my focus is all on her. I have successfully chased away every guy who has ever approached Kiara before. She’s too perfect to be tainted by anyone, not even me. “Dylan!” She screamed, grabbing my bloody hand and wiping the blood while looking at me full of concern in her eyes. She’s so beautiful and forgiving. Even though I practically forced her to make out with me she still cares about me instead of getting upset or angry at me. “I’m so sorry I shouldn’t have… you must have hated it…” I sighed as I took a seat on the sofa next to her as she continued to clean my wound. “Dylan what are you talking about?” She looked up at me but I looked away. She took her hands and held my head in her hands as she pulled my head her way, looking at her. “I didn’t hate it.” She smiled and gave me a quick peck, I widened my eyes at her action, shocked. ***** What happens when the heir to the most powerful Mafia group suddenly has to take over her father's reign? She can only trust Dylan, her father's second in command while dealing with everything new, can she survive this violent chaotic world?

    Lucia Lambrini

  • 12.Runaway Destiny

    Regular daily updates 8AM EST DAILY! CONTAINS (SOME) MATURE CONTENT! “Dad you can’t be serious, we’re in the 21st century. Nobody does arrange marriages anymore.” I laughed, this has to be a joke. I’m just 22 and in no way and I am willing to marry someone I don’t know. Heck what if he’s mean? Or smelly? Or better yet, violent? *** I was upset with the arranged marriage but I’m sure if I’m firm this time they’ll come to it and let it go... Mom, Dad, I’m safe and good but I will not be coming home for a while. I just graduated and still have yet to live out my youth and I definitely don’t want to marry someone I don’t know and don’t have any relationship with. TEXT TO DAD: I’ll be away from LA for a few months, maybe a year, take it as I’m taking another gap year or something. Please don’t look for me because I’ll just keep running away. I’ll text you when I can but don’t push it. You know me, I'm stubborn. *** What will happen when the stubborn and adventurous Ella Rivers, heiress to the Rivers & Co. Fashion Firm, meets Ethan Turner as she runs away from her arranged marriage? Who is he really and why does he attract her the way he does? What will happen when he starts dating, and the one he’s with isn’t her? How will she manage?

    Lucia Lambrini

  • 13.The Revenge of Helena

    Helena was taken by her fellow colleagues while going to work and they abducted her. Kai, who said to be her best friend was involved. One night, they decided to pull a prank at her but it ended to be real. They killed her! But one morning, Helena came back to work like nothing happened and she didn't remembered anything at all. She treated them as a normal person but soon they realized that she's not only an ordinary girl, she had secrets and that's what she called their "Tradition".

    Kate Granada

  • 14.A dragon's second chance

    Aurora Williams is smart beautiful gentle hearted girl who had it all but in a twist of fate lost it all. shunned by her family and coven, rejected by her mate and sent to die. Saved by an unlikely creature can she find the strength to survive or will she give up and welcome death

    Khensani Ndlovu

  • 15.Original Heirs

    ***Daily Updates, Follow me for more** Dakota Gatlin and Blade Gatlin,19 years old Werewolf twins who were born with a rare gift which is memory swapping, they both get to share their memories with each other without them knowing or controlling them. By the Original werewolves and Alpha's blood running in their veins, they both are very strongest and smartest species in the entire werewolves world. Everything was set out perfectly for them until their mates walked in and made every single thing complicated for them. ***** Dakota Gatlin was a hopeless guy living his life like a corpse, he didn't believe in mates and mate bond until Hope walked in. Hope Monroe was an 18 years old human girl who’s a naive and kind-hearted girl, her helping nature and never giving up attitude makes her the most attractive. She never thought a quiet and aloof guy would take her attention and makes her reckless to unravel him. **** Blade Gatlin, Self-obsessed, Egoistic, and downright rude. He was the popular one in the college and was known for his charms but what no one knew about him was that he’s vulnerable and emotionally weak inside. By knowing his brother’s past memories somehow made him weak and vulnerable, he attempted to hide it from everyone but his mate destroyed his plans. Axel Shaw, Sweet, Smart, and a cunning guy who would easily get to know someone by just watching their behaviours quietly. He was the kind of guy who would tell all your dark secrets by just observing your behaviour. What happens if these two meet? **** Twin brothers, one born gift, mates, and college life.

    SN.Nina Arthur