• 1.The Ordinary Girl and the Cruel Vampire Prince

    Amber Williams is a tortured soul. Her father is a drunk who has violent tendencies and takes great pleasure in beating her. She lives on the outskirts of town in a run down dingy cottage and works six days a week trying to keep food on the table and bills paid. It's all she can do to survive each day and there is no one to turn to for help. An incident causes her to run into the forest in order to save her life. Prince Liam Geraldo is stuck in his castle with nothing but his helpers and his horrible mother for company. Placed under a spell the Vampire Prince cannot leave the castle, or anyone who was within the castle, on the day the spell was cast. Cold as ice with a heart of stone he has gained a reputation with his peers for being a cruel prince. He has no desire to change his ways and has turned away every maiden who has tried to seduce him or sent them running with his vindictive personality. What happens when Amber inadvertently stumbles onto his territory and finds that the magic is unwilling to let her leave? Their personalities are complete opposites and causes them to clash with each other. Will Amber be able to thaw his stone cold heart or will she be doomed to stay in a castle unhappy and miserable forever?

    Cat Smith

  • 2.Risky Layers

    It always tastes the same, like he dipped his manhood in pure honey mixed with vanilla ice cream just before stepping into the room. She can still hear his deep soothing voice as he guides her to her first oral sex 'No teeth hon, make it slippery, suck, lick and caress zeus', who names their rod after a greek god, he better physically look like one-too bad i have a blind fold on and my wrist were cuffed to the back. 'I hear its your first time, lets make it fun' i can sense he is amused at why i chose a b**m club with a stranger 'I don't usually do this but you get to kiss me'....'ahn' he groans as i take his manhood deep reaching the beginning of my throat almost making me gag. He pulls me up, gives me a scoop of vanilla ice cream-yes he is definitely a fan, his mouth comes down on my lips softly and i feel tingles in between my thighs. He deepens the kiss and gently strokes my right n****e with something really cold, damn! I can't explain what i feel but it feels so damn good, he moves his mouth to my idle n****e and i start to drip-his finger slips to my veejay then transfers some fluid to my clit and my head jerks backward. He was stroking back and forth from my clit to my veejay and something starts to build inside me. Without warning, he pushes me to the bed while gently thrusting his finger in and out, he adds a second finger and he slides them in and out gently....then i hear my alarm. I wake from my dream to the reality of tennis, sex, coding, fashion and adventures...


  • 3.Thorns, Fire, and Petals

    Life always had its fair share of pain, lust and love. But will there be a similar pattern for the life of a gay? Carlo's life seems to be fine, silent and still when an incident changed his life completely. He found himself in a totally new environment, new company and new experience. In the embrace of someone… Strong, warm and unshaken. Is this for real? How long will it last? Will there be happiness after all of this? Inspired from a true story. Thorns, Fire and Petals


  • 4.Sky Queen - Complete

    ~~~~~(: Please Like :)~~~~~ Evangeline Azure is a very kind woman with a twist. She fell from the sky straight into the arms of the Crown Prince of Rel, Landon Bryson. Who knew the path they would take as Evangeline rediscovered herself and carved a future out. As they work together to overcome difficult trials, they find themselves even more enamored with each other. Author's Note: This story is now complete!!! :) Feel free to leave your thoughts and comments. I'll take any negative or positive review in a stride. If you enjoy the story, please give me a like. Disclaimer: There are a few highly s****l chapters in this story. I do not recommend those chapters for anyone under the age of 18.

    Kelly Brackett

  • 5.You Are Mine

    "It's a story revolves around a 17-year-old girl named Arabella Rose. A shy caring and kind natured girl. Arabella never thought one day her normal life would turn into a totally different life." "Hayden kings 25-year-old a billionaire of kings enterprises and not to doubt a leader of mafia all over the world... " (It would be so amazing to see how the two different life gets to know each other. Hayden a womanizer and Arabella a sweet girl...) Would they fall in love? would it be the end of Arabella's life? Or it would be a love story of a lion and a prey?

    Ayesha Khanam

  • 6.Russian Bastard

    When an attack on the Vasiliev Estate leaves Russian Princess Tatiana Belluchi injured and instigates the return of her disappeared mother, Don Vasiliev proposes a merger that would place Tatiana under the direct protection of his son, Zeke Vasiliev. Amidst the chaos of attacks and betrayals left and right, she couldn't help being drawn to the man who belonged to another woman, with blue eyes and scars on his back. _____ In a world of vicious mafia politics, Tatiana Belluchi must tread dangerous waters as she distributes ammunition under the orders of her family that could supercharge the impending war, all under the guise of attending glamourous parties. A simple job, but not so easy when people discover who she really is. And now she has a target on her back. Zeke Vasiliev didn't have the easiest life. Being born out of wedlock does that. It was bad enough that his father was a Russian mafia Don and on top of that, his wife was a jealous woman, angered at her husband and his son who was born from a French actress. He has had to look over his shoulder his whole life, a stain in his step-mother's home, an unwanted pest. She wasn't beyond trying to have him killed. A life of constant darkness, until a woman as enchanting as an angel crashes into his life. However, this particular angel had a target on her back, And he wasn't going to let anyone take her away from him. A series of attacks, mass shootings and betrayals left and right. Not all will survive unscathed, and it is not the time to be thinking about some woman. He shouldn't pursue her. But he couldn't help being enchanted by her. _____ A story with over 8K reads and 1.8K votes!


  • 7.The Goddess Alpha

    Far too often we are fed stories of how men save the day, which is a fantastic story line, but I decided to shed some light on the resilience of the women's soul. Alpha Rheya of the Scarlett Rose Pack is one badass chick, beauty, brains, and even brawn. Everyone reveled in her presence, knowing the greatness she would bring into this world. However, with a caring soul always lurks a monster in the shadows. Come along on this journey to discover just how powerful women can be, watch as she not only save her pack and family, but herself as well. !!!!!TRIGGER WARNING!!!!! There are triggering themes in this story! It is up to your discretion to read them but I will post a trigger warning to each episode that can be triggering!

    Elizabeth Banuet

  • 8.Serene's Land

    She was loved and a princess to her parents. Her life was filled with happiness and love until she realized her life shattering in front of her eyes and the only way to protect her loved ones is to find her true identity and fight for her people. But will it be easy for her? It's time to learn about her true identity and fight against the evil.

    Haritaa Menon

  • 9.Mask

    As the CEO of Thorton Inc, was Tailani's job to interact with different firms. She just never expected the firm that was in charge of her company's finances, would also be the workplace of the man she lost her virginity to 10 years earlier at a mask party in a dark room. They talked for hours but never saw the other's face. The only reason she recognized him was because of his voice and piercing gray eyes, the same gray eyes that their daughter now possessed. The problem was, he was the assistant to the assistant of the man she despised the most: DeAndre Wesley. Not only was he the Director of finance of Fase, and voted Most Eligible bachelor under 35, but was also the son of said company's chairman and the most obnoxious person she had ever met in her life. And he was obsessed with her, but the only person she wanted was his assistant's assistant who was ordered to spy on her. What will happen when they all learn the truth


  • 10.Billionaire's Broken Wife

    Diana Thompson, a 21 years old, university student, who does not have dreams, but life goals. She is kind and rational, but at the same time, is not afarid to stand for herself and for the people she loves, when needed. The goals, she has set for herself, are everything to her and she lets nothing, gets in the way of her, in achieving them. Alexander William Jones, a 24 years old, senior university student, who is the only child of his wealthy parents. He is not too much of a spoiled child of his family, but he also does not have any worries in his life and thinks he can get anything, he wants. Until....He meets Diana. He falls in love with her, after their first encounter and confesses his love to her. But, Diana does not accept his feelings and tells him that she wants to achieve the goals first, which she has set for herself. Alex tries to forget her but instead of moving on, he starts following her every footsteps, secretly. Five years later, Diana was sitting in her office's meeting room, as the chief marketing manager, of her company, when he enters into her life again. As the co-chairman of the bussiness empire, in which she works. Due to certain circumstances, he gets to talk to her again, in his office. Where he asks her, to be his friend. Now, the real question is..... Does he really, just wants them to be good friends? Or He has an evil plan in his mind to make her, his, forever?


  • 11.Reordinate the Fate

    Can we escape the reality and have fun for a while? -Risa- A relax adventure story of five friends trying to deny the infinity fate and reordinating their destiny. Can they find the real freedom? or else facing another curve of Eight?

    Callista Widawati

  • 12.Endless love

    Fate is a bitch. It messes with our plans leading to a lot of shit. That shit is my life now. I may have inherited the families business, living in the best of houses, travelling by the best car and all that shit. I usually fight my battles and anyone who gets in my way, will not like it. But what if the one thing that I have been fighting for all this time is not worth the fight. You just let it go, with lots of questions, doubts and more questions. Wasn't I enough? Am I that bad that nobody can love me? Or stand to be with me? And then you think about changing to be what he is but your inner self tells you he is not worth, they are not worth. You are Alina Windsor, you have never bowed down to anyone ever. So it won't start now.


  • 13.REVENGE

    Monica Dawson saw her family being murdered in front of her eyes. She saw her family house burn to ashes and the people who did this, she heard the triumphant sound of their voices. When she escapes the tragedy, she is given a new life by the rich widow Camila Nialsen and a new identity. She is no longer Monica Dawson but Patricia Nielsen, an established billionairess in the states. She is an owner of chains of hotels as well as the best coffee processing company. She is cold and ruthless and has turned out to be the woman she never wanted. She is seeking for revenge after twenty years to all those that ruined her life and destroyed her family's legacy but when she meets Nicholas Perkins the son to Elias Perkins, the man who destroyed her family. Patricia has a plan set up just to use Nicholas to get to Elias by becoming her girlfriend. When Nicholas invites her for Thanksgiving, the truth is yet to be unveiled. Nicholas learns how he has been played. Her world comes crushing down on her when she realises the feelings that weren't meant to be. It wasn't a game afterall. What will happen to them?

    sword of whisper

  • 14.Betrothed to a Prince, In Love With My Bodyguard

    * THE PHOENIX WOLF SAGA, BOOK 1 * To read the sequel, click on THE QUEEN, THE LOVER, THE HUNTRESS AND THE ROGUE on my page! - - - - - “You…” He can barely speak. “You smell…” I know what he smells. I take a step toward him, eyes bright. “Yes?” I ask coyly. “You were…” I take another step. “Yes?” He suddenly explodes, closing the gap between us in half a second and pressing me against the wall behind me so aggressively, my breath catches in my throat. He pins my arms against the wall on either side of me and presses himself into me, digging his hardened bulge against me with a motion that nearly sends my legs buckling out from under me in dazed pleasure. His lips find my neck, and for an instant, I think he means to mark me. I should think about what it would mean for my future, what it would mean for my pack, but in that moment, I don’t care. I want him to mark me. I want to be his, and I want him to be mine. - - - - - Tempest Elianna Crescent, also known as Red, is the Princess of Canis and daughter of the Alpha of the Crescent Moon Pack. When her father tells her that she is to marry "Prince" Dominic Gibbous, the future Alpha of the rival Gibbous Moon Pack that once ruled, she reluctantly agrees to do her duty to keep the peace. But her eighteenth birthday is looming, and the inner wolf stirring in her desires someone different: Rowan, her family's bodyguard and the future Beta of her pack. Can she force back her desires for the sake of her responsibility, putting her pack before her wolf? What if the Gibbous Pack hasn't relinquished their desire to reclaim the throne? This story is told in alternating first person POV's between Red and Rowan.



    A rich young girl the princess of her fathers kingdom warm and beautiful and a ruthless young billionaire who thinks the world is under his feet and was known as the most cold and stone hearted man.Fire and Ice.. Never meant to meet. There story was such. He was Ice, the king of coldness rutheless and overpowered while she was fire, filled with warmness of love and liveliness Know the story of how he forced her to marry him and raped and humiliated her. A Contract fated them to meet and a Contract forced them to marry or Were they destined with love for eachother or there hatred will take the authority? See how ,she gets involved in a house full of secrets and how her life turns into a joke? How the hero learns love and how he loses it? How there life made them meet eachother?

    Unknown ME