• 1.Dreame Writing Guides

    *Writing guides for the specific genres will be updated irregularly. This is a guidebook that provides writers some writing techniques on creating online novels. It includes three parts that guide you through writing a book: a. preparation before writing; b. ideas and solutions you can draw from; c. how to earn likes from readers. You can share your writer's block with us while writing your book by comments and tell us what else that you would expect us to provide. It would be also great if you, as an established writer, can share your experience with us. If you can tell stories, create characters, devise incidents, and have sincerity and passion, it doesn’t matter a damn how you write. – Somerset Maugham


  • 2.The Lost Alpha

    "Kathryn tapped his shoulder all troubled. Still, there was no reaction from him. Kathryn kept on calling him out continuously before he finally places the hand down, and open his eyes. She saw a flicker of his eyes that was red for a second immediately he opened them. 'Geeez what was that?' Kathryn mumbled inwardly as fear absorbed her whole body. "Good night!" Desmond hastily hopped into his car and drove away when he saw the look on her face and sense that, something is not right. After he left, she stood there for a couple of minutes fretting about what she saw a while ago." ************************************ After a thousand years, during the fifth red full moon, a pregnant woman gave birth to the number one most powerful red werewolf (Alpha) with a mark of the crown on his left shoulder for identification. His reign would bring unification to all descendants of werewolves and put an end to the evil one all over. He was born alongside his guardian angel in a different city on that exact day. They grew up to meet as sworn enemy working in the same Establishment. According to Prophecy, the guardian would be the one to guide and direct him in his quest and also form a part of his destruction as he became very comfortable in the hands of the enemy...


  • 3.The Last Moon

    I was just a normal teenager; my parents, Arthur is a Doctor and my Mom Elena is a housewife. My life suddenly changed after my family moved into the town called Vale. After moving in this town, I started to have recurring dreams of an enchanted place, powerful beings and a dragon dying in my arms. And on my 16th birthday, the strangest thing happened I started hearing my pet talking, telling me that they are my guardians and I am special. Rahul is half dragon half human; he has been living and dying over the past 6 centuries. Rahul is in search of his original dragon form which was hidden from him after he was cursed. On the first full moon after her 16th birthday, Halea while bathing in the lake on foot of the waterfall Unda after touched by the moonlight she shines brighter than the moon which captured Rahul’s attention. To his amazement, he went to see her from afar and thinking that she’s drowning he swims to rescue her and when he touched her, he for the first time in over the past 6 centuries he shifted to his original dragon form bringing out the ancient Baconava (Snake sea serpent dragon of the East). What relation does, Rahul had with Halea? Is she the answer to find his real identity? Who is this man? And why do I dream of this dragon dying in my arms? What fate awaits in their meeting? Are they destined to kill each other? Or are they destined to be in each other arms?


  • 4.Mischievous Games

    Maia never thought her life would change so drastically. Her life had been average, but always with the possibility of being so much more. Shed noticed she could do things others couldnt, but shed never do anything to harm another person. But today she must choose to take a life and save her sister, or let her die at the hands of the power hungry thing she married.


  • 5.Captured by: Love Or Hatred?

    Jennifer Jones is the managing director of a well-known company. A workaholic as well as an aloof beauty. She is an independent girl but with a bad past. She lives with her only uncle whom she considers her whole family. On the other hand, the CEO of 'The Collins - Multipurpose Corporation' Ryan Collins was the most arrogant and nonchalant person with some hidden secrets along with him. He gets what he wants, one way or another. What will happen when Ryan gets rejected by Jennifer??? Can love is possible between them ??? Can this opposite persona be CAPTURED??? And if they can be captured then how.... by Love or hatred???


  • 6.The Irresistible Love

    Jane was 12 years old when her parents died in a car accident leaving behind her and her older brother, Mike, 16. Since then, her brother took up her responsibility. Although she missed her parents sometimes, she never felt alone. After the accident, they relocated to a small town that supposedly harboured some unearthly mysteries. She had only heard about a pack of werewolves living in the forest beginning on the edge of their town until she met one. The girl had her entire life turned upside down when her brother got brutally murdered by a WEREWOLF. That was not the first time a human was murdered by werewolves. It seemed the pack was on a killing spree. The unfortunate incident filled Jane with rage and now all that she craved was Revenge. The revenge on the king of the pack. The revenge on the ALPHA himself. She did not know who had killed his brother but was sure that it couldn’t have been done without Alpha's approval. She made a promise to his dead brother that she will lacerate his murderer to pieces even if it meant the end of her own life. Moving forward, on her quest, she meets a very attractive and strong man who she believed would help her in taking down the Alpha. However, her hopes and expectation come down crashing when she realizes his true identity. She has no idea that Alpha is her Mate and the man she is counting on is not who she thinks him to be.


  • 7.The Black Pistons MC Series: Brazen

    ***Adult Content*** Symphony was a young recently divorced woman. She cut all ties in her town after an embarrassing divorce where she walked in on her husband with another woman. She lost her job, and with no family to speak of she felt hopeless. She took all of her money and hopped on the first bus she could find. Not expecting to end up in a hot spot for the black pistons a notorious motorcycle gang. One man was not going to give up on her, because he fell in love as soon as she stepped off the bus. He would not stop until she was his! Motorcycle clubs, Cartels, and lots of drama as Symphony steps into a whole new life full of drama, love, and violence.


  • 8.Claiming Her Birth Right

    **** I kissed him back, wrapping my arms around his neck. I was giving in to all the sparks and butterflies I needed to feel good. A wave of warmth came over my body, and I wanted more of Lawrence. I tried to forget about all the evil that was out there. I wanted to show Lawrence how much I loved him. I ran my fingers through his hair and moaned as our kiss deepened. I pulled him towards me, and he slowly laid me down on the bed and began kissing me back passionately. ****


  • 9.Camouflage

    Atkinson Watkins is a Ruthless and vicious mafia boss. On his birthday, his father betrothed him with his ally's daughter, Diva Shelton. He accepted it with a smile on his face. On the contrary, Diana was against it, especially her elder brother Bryan, who does not want her sister to spend a life in that hell. When Atkinson reached Bryan's house. He finds out Diva is going to marry someone else. Will he get Diana as his Bride? Or will the new Mafia Boss kill all? Are you up to something? " He tilted his head and glared at him. " I'm not, but dad is planning your wedding. Mom has already selected a girl for you." Jordan said, raised his hands up to prove himself innocent. He could read people's faces just at a glance, " Carry on the party for my friends." He said and tugged Jorge from his neck at his car, " How does she look? " He asked Jordan with a smile.

    Seerat Kaur

  • 10.The Alpha's Abused Daughter

    I am tired of hurting and feeling afraid. I just want to be with my family again. 'I am nothing more than the worthless Omega orphan of Crimson Hollows Pack.' That is my last thought as I fall into a restless sleep.

    Shadow Neko

  • 11.Dead Elite

    Emilie Roze gets tangled up in the dark side of luxury life. Becoming a young elitist is not easy when one of her friends is a sweet psycho. And life even gets worse when she almost falls in love with the handsome man who r***s her. The chaos happens when the taste of champagne turns bitter and fiery. The poison kills one of The Elite. It’s the social group established by the eight rich kids in Manhattan, including Emilie. But there is only one murderer. One lies. And all that it takes just one explosion to uncover the truth.

    Keefe R.D


    Imagine having someone walk into your life and making you feel a kind of happiness which you never thought existed. What will you do if that person decides to walk out of your life taking all that which they have brought with them and filling the void with darkness? Read "Dancing with the devil" to find out what Jeena does.

    Yashna Pownkumar

  • 13.Cursed to Love: The Golden Curse

    Gilda has been accused of witchcraft and escapes into the night, where she is found by the monster who has haunted her dreams since childhood. Is he there to help her or harm her? Which one of them truly needs to be rescued?