• 1.Dreame Writing Guides

    *Writing guides for the specific genres will be updated irregularly. This is a guidebook that provides writers some writing techniques on creating online novels. It includes three parts that guide you through writing a book: a. preparation before writing; b. ideas and solutions you can draw from; c. how to earn likes from readers. You can share your writer's block with us while writing your book by comments and tell us what else that you would expect us to provide. It would be also great if you, as an established writer, can share your experience with us. If you can tell stories, create characters, devise incidents, and have sincerity and passion, it doesn’t matter a damn how you write. – Somerset Maugham


  • 2.The Legendary Ripper

    It all started with the Ripper of an Alpha.While his name was traveling the through out the country so did the sweet Niqolette Winter's.The dark soul will posses anything and everything.The war is coming and it's coming fast will the Ripper survive it or will he finally challenge his match of destruction? He grabs me by the hair and pulls me close then he whispers softly in my ear. "My name is Sir if you can't remember I'll teach you!"


  • 3.Knight's Quest Of Love (Book 2 of 'Knight' Series)

    ****** DAILY UPDATES ****** Book II of the 'Knight' series. Elliot had many beliefs, destiny wasn't one of them. Not until his brother fell in love and got married. Now his bachelor life was slowly coming to an end and his future only flashed with office walls and white paper. One accident threw him in a blackhole called Nigella Crawford and he let himself get sucked. Until he found himself falling in love. Nigella Crawford had given up many things in her life in order to live a peaceful life away from the pointing fingers, but her pride wasn't one of them. Elliot Knight was a puzzle she could never finish, a painful mystery that dug deeper into her heart the more she tried to solve it. Her trust issues are put to test in his company, her identity in question before him. Nigella wasn't ready. 



    BOOK 2 OF FIND ME Lucas and Darren were mates. They were meant for each other since they were born, but how come they couldn’t be together? Is it because they’re both guys? Is it because both of them have someone special already? Or is it their pride?


  • 5.When The Light Meets The Dark (LGBT+)

    Lycans and Werewolves have never been mated together until Jamie and Peyton, a forbidden love some might say. There species not getting along with each other is already a problem when they're both the leaders of Lycans and Werewolves respectively.But what if they're sexual preferences is the opposite of they're mate.Jamie wants to be a boy while Peyton wants to be a girl.This could be something to easily bypass when Peyton still likes girls but so does Jamie.Join Peyton and Jami as they try to work things out between both species and themselves while also trying to maneuver through the sinkholes and mountains they meet along the way, As they deal with a pack of rogue Lycans and Were and a little surprise from the Gallows where imprisoned Wolves and Lycans are kept when a long lost relative of Jamie has been waiting and planing to take back what he claims to be his. Please, Share like and Comment.


  • 6.The Dragon and the Hybrid

    In the Land of Dragon shifters and Dragon riders, there are also humans that exists within the kingdom. Equal by law but not really. The beautiful Draconi are ruling the land with an iron fist and humans are just existing with them. Mariusi has been overthrown by his sister. Sold to another land where he is turned in to a gladiator slave. Wanting nothing but revenge against the throne that easily overthrew him while he buys his freedom once again and came back to the land of the Draconi, half dead. Rogan and her family have problems of their own. She’s of dragon blood but only half of it is pure. She can’t shift nor can she tame wild dragons in the volcanic mountains, but she has the rare gift of fire. Her human mother and dragon rider of a father kept both of her and her brother safe by being nomadic healers on the outskirts of the country, but their peaceful lives are turned upside down when they help a half dying man on the road. Is he going to use her as a weapon and reclaim back his thrown? Or would she just burn him to protect her family? Would the both of them ignore their feelings and fate that put them together against all odds?


  • 7.Querencia World Book3: The Mystery of The Mermaid Fortress

    The story of Miara, one of the essential characters in my Querencian story as follows; My Unexpected King (Book 1) The Princess Who Tame The Villian (Book 2) The Mystery of The Mermaid Fortress (Book 3) If you are willing to discover the quest to the Querencian World, follow me as a writer to read all my works. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- I am Miara, the descendants of Maiden Louverielle, for her throne pass to me when she died. The sole reasons we sing to enchant men and attract them in our Fortress; it creates noises that scattered like wildfire rumors in the whole Kingdom and the neighboring Kingdom. Humans thoughts that mermaids are few like vampires, and we are maintaining our few kinds, but they are wrong. The sea is massive as much as the land. The King and Queen of Land hailed different King and Queens, leaders, and so we are. The Mermaids each have territories, and I am the Maiden of the Forbidden Forest. I am Miara, and I consider myself the most beautiful and powerful out of all the three Maidens that exist. They are Maidens that reigns in the Enchanted Forest, Human World, and my world Forbidden Forest. This about our story, our World, and the revelation of the past

    January Garneth

  • 8.Running Away From A Dragon King

    A Being With A Cynical Mind~ A Being with an obsessive and sinister soul. Kneel before him or he will hollow your bones out and build kingdoms upon kingdoms, thrones upon thrones. A Being Who Was War In Himself~ The only fire Dragon known to be alive, the fiercest Dragon, the cruelest of them all. The Rightful King of Dragons~ Who would have thought that a man of no emotions will cry for a little woman, beg for her love, who would have thought that the love of an insane woman will become poison for the King of Dragons, who would have thought that the Rightful King of Dragons will forsake his kingdom for a woman standing on the edge of madness or maybe she was never sane. 'Ines' from the 'House of Untolds' also known as the Unstable Killers. A woman who will turn a King into a wanderer. A woman who had bought the legendary 'Aidan the Fierce' on his knees. *** Aidan Draco roared in pain, he had turned against his own family for a woman who can’t stop running away from him. The King of Dragons cried his heart out for the first time in his life because finally, he was giving up his chase. A Dragon was giving up his chase~ He cried because even now he can’t get rid of this nostalgic longing to be near to his bride again. The King of Dragons had loved and lost~ He knew the pain of attaining something unattainable. *** This August Author BestiesBabe invites you to the kingdom of Dragons again to witness a tale of love at its extreme. Hearts will be broken, loved ones will leave, love will be lost in the Dark forest. Let's witness a tale wrapped in tears of Gold.

    Besties Babe

  • 9.Wicked Snow

    Everyone knows the story of Snow White and her evil stepmother, but what if the story you’ve been told was wrong? What if the one who you thought was the villain, was actually innocent all along? Grace has been coerced into marrying a man who can never love her and has been doomed to fill a role everyone–especially her new stepdaughter–will resent her for. Her new husband is still in love with his recently deceased wife, and the people around him hate Grace for trying to replace the woman they had also come to adore. The shadow of his former love dooms Grace to a role as the villain, but there is one man who sees her for the good person she truly is. In Hunter, her bodyguard, she might just find what she has always longed for: love. ~ “I won’t be blackmailed into marrying a stranger,” I spat at my father in outrage. He narrowed his eyes at me and took a threatening step towards me. “Don’t try my patience, Grace.” “Then don’t threaten me,” I retorted. “You can’t force me into marrying someone I don’t love. I won’t do it,” I said adamantly. “And you’re disgusting to even suggest it,” I added with revulsion. Before I knew what was happening, he had backhanded me so hard that I fell to the floor. I touched my throbbing cheek in shock. ~

    Maggie Ireland

  • 10.Pools of Blood

    A young doctor, wife of an Interpol Agent, was raped and brutally assaulted. She was found in pools of blood soaking from every inch of her skin. Her husband was murdered before her eyes. She is trying desperately to stay alive. Vengeance is her only option before she breathes her last. Then she meets someone who fights for her cause. Who is this man?Will she get justice? How will her story end?

    Saheli Banerji

  • 11.Moon Goddess Daughter

    Luna Moon-Star is the daughter of the Moon Goddess and Hades. Having both the devil's blood and the Goddesses, with the blessing of Mother Nature, with a witch, and The Sun God, with a vampire soul, she is the most powerful being to ever exist. She goes on earth to stop her father's plotting and meets the to-be mates that provide constant help on her journey. But with such power comes great responsibility as well as a great danger if she goes on the dark path that Hades has prepared for her. Whatever she becomes a Goddess as her mother, or a "killing machine" that even death will fear depends solemnly on her decisions and her mates love, if they accept the calling of their hearts and provide her with such luxury.



    Being in love and being loved back is a great feeling, right? A feeling Tamara felt only too well a few years back but not anymore. All she can feel now is anxiety and sadness after her daughter gets kidnapped. Will she find her daughter Myra? Let's find out.

    Florence Muthoka

  • 13.The falcon's daughters

    Kit stared at the woman who looked just like her. Who are you? Her voice was just a whisper but the woman smiled lovingly at her. One who has searched for you. She put her arms around Kit and whispered in her ear. I'm waiting in the mountains. Suddenly, the ground shook under their feet and they were abruptly torn apart. A huge ravine had opened between them. You have to find me! Barely had the words left her mouth until the ground collapsed beneath her and she disappeared into the darkness of the ravine. Kit was only a baby when she was found abandoned in the mountains. For seventeen years she was raised on an island far from the rest of the world. Even though she was content with her life she longed to see the outside world. And then one night a dream changed her entire life. The time had come and alongside her best friend, the black panther Dorcha, and the man that raised her she left the island. She knew that no matter what she had to find the woman from her dream and find out who she was and why they looked alike. Could the woman hold the answers to who she really were and to why she was abandoned all those years ago? In the outskirts of the kingdom of Carlan crown prince Cadenor sat by a campfire. His calm evening turned to something else when a horse rode into his camp. The badly wounded rider fell into his arms. He was shocked over the discovery that the rider was a young woman and she was just barely breathing. Moments later soldiers followed her. He couldn't help to wonder who she was and why was she being hunted?

    Anna Klang