• 1.Dreame Writing Guides

    *Writing guides for the specific genres will be updated irregularly. This is a guidebook that provides writers some writing techniques on creating online novels. It includes three parts that guide you through writing a book: a. preparation before writing; b. ideas and solutions you can draw from; c. how to earn likes from readers. You can share your writer's block with us while writing your book by comments and tell us what else that you would expect us to provide. It would be also great if you, as an established writer, can share your experience with us. If you can tell stories, create characters, devise incidents, and have sincerity and passion, it doesn’t matter a damn how you write. – Somerset Maugham


  • 2.The Devil's Guardian

    Girl Power-Rebirth of The Heroine Writing Contest Nyx Sage was a one-hundred-eight-year-old white witch. Her parents had wished to marry her off a long time ago but she had her ideal man: tall, lean, and gorgeous! Unfortunately, her suitors were: short, round, and mediocre. They were not given a chance and were summarily busted by Nyx! Until she angered the whole community of witches... She was ambushed by them. She 'died' in front of everyone. She traveled through time. Nyx found herself in the 21st century and met the man of her dreams... Devlon Tzevaot was a cold businessman with an unlimited wealth to burn. He bought the 'Untouchable Land of the Witches,' where Nyx perished centuries ago, and planned to build his ambitious business empire there. What would happen to two creatures from different timelines when they collide?

    EC Mendoza

  • 3.Celebrity's Romance

    (Girl Power - Rebirth of the Heroine Writing Contest) Katie was a 27 year old famous hollywood celebrity actress and model who's engage with a 29 year old actor Charlie Choi. Two weeks before their wedding, she found out that he's cheating on her! Due to the traitors plot against her, she ended up dying... And when Katie woke up, she was brought eight years back in her life when she was yet to become an actress and just interning on her childhood's friend business as an assistant and sometimes freelance model. Who would have known that in her second chance in life, she will meet new friends and a love one, gain more popularity and took revenge on her 'previous life's' ex-boyfriend and ex-friend. Will Katie have her happy ever after this second time around?



    After a steamy night at the club, Ruby and Erik can't seem to stay away from each other. But she knows all too well there's no way they can be together. He's in a serious relationship. She has a secret affair with her married boss. Being with another man would be too risky. But she's dangerously drawn to Erik. Will she risk it all for him?

    Rinah Githaiga


    Rebecca McKenna, Becca, is a cop and detective in the city of San Francisco, she meets James while on duty during an investigation on the break in to his jewelry store. James owns a jewelry store just across the town, few blocks from where Becca works, a series of break-ins brings her to the store over and over again until it becomes obvious that he might be tripping the alarm on purpose, which is illegal and on the other hand, Becca is kind of falling for James,too. what is she supposed to do about this crazy courtship between them and is James really going to let go of her or is he going to work towards taming her to be his?

    Pink Barbie

  • 6.The Empaths other half

    Sequel to the fairy, the witch and the wolf Skylar is used to soaking in the feelings of those around her. Sometimes it's almost suffocating for her, but she chose to be a nurse because of her caring nature. What surprised her the most and what she was least expecting was that the moon goddess had paired her with a wolf. And her headache became so much bigger..... David is an ex commando who had just recently returned to his pack to take over his father's position as Beta. While he was away from home, David had turned prey to a succubus. He just thought the vivid dreams were due to all the years of not having a mate. He was twenty eight after all. So when he returned to his pack he had just been given a task by his Alpha to retrieve two women who may have information on a missing pack wolf's whereabouts. What he didn't know was that one of those women was his mate. So what does that mean for his dreams.....


  • 7.Mafia's forbidden satiation

    The story of a modern big town independent girl falling in love with a married man, who later turns out to be a gangster. What happens when two broken empaths find peace together, but destiny doesn't allow them to be together for long. After some years, when they meet together, he finds out that she is carrying his baby with her. Read this story about their twisted destinies entangled together.


  • 8.The Alpha King and His Fated Protector

    He's an alpha king, she's an alpha princess, his family killed hers and now she has sworn to protect him... Will she do it? Elina Bloodmoon, a descendant of the ancient caste of overthrown kings who ruled over the vast territory bearing her same surname, which was subdued and attached to the new kingdom of Varkolak, decides that it is time to regain the lost status of her lineage and she sets out to compete on the day of the blood moon, not expecting that she would end up in a position too close to the new alpha king Bastian Vark. And that's when their lives begin to complicate in an intricate web of conspiracy, lust, fights and defeats to protect what each of them considered as the most important

    Luna Carmal


    He is not human but he loves humans. He is the only one that can save his city from ruin but he had long been abandoned and forgotten to want to help. Only one can make him see reasons to help. That one is unknown to all. Could it be the princess who he had always loved? Or the human who took care of him?


  • 10.A day with Aria

    She knew what she had to do, everything will be fine and everything will go away. It was the right decision so she thought. She climbed over the railing and looked down. She heard somebody screaming at her… for her everything sounded muffled. She was standing on the other side of the railing gripping it from her hands with her facing the large mass of water. She took a deep breath… He screamed at Aria, “Don’t do it” He started to run at her direction without any second thought. He said, “DON’T DO IT.” When he was a few feet away… she let go. The moment her hands left the railing was when she immediately knew that she made the biggest mistake of her entire life, a mistake which cannot be undone and the mistake which would be the death of her. Her life flashed by her eyes when she was falling, she was reminding of the good things in her life…

    Harini Vidara

  • 11.The promise of a Lycan

    “Where is your Alpha?” His voice was calm as he spoke to a quivering Beta. “In another pack.” The Beta replied, praying silently that what happened to Alpha Randy’s pack would not happen to them. People who passed by the pack after everything that happened had informed packs nearby. He looked around the pack house and made a mental note to destroy the pack on his way back from Azrea. He knew no such thing as pity or mercy. What he knew was destruction. “Lead the way to your Alpha’s bedroom.” He ordered, knowing fully well it would be the most furnished room in the pack. “T-This way, sir.” >> "When the first one is born, a curse shall soak the soil with blood." He said he would come back. He had made a promise to King Lucas Romero, and he was going to keep it. A human would give birth to a girl he would battle against. The child would be bound to him by the goddess, but he would destroy her himself. This would be her destiny, and no one could change it. That which is ordained by the gods cannot be changed. WARNING: This book is dark. Read at your own risk. COMPLETED STORY. SEQUEL: The Queen's choice {Complete}


  • 12.Loving a Bully Billionaire.

    Mia’s love of her life betrayed her trust and turned out to be someone she never thought she could love, but the damage is done, and now she has to decide to rescue him from himself or to walk away. I opened my eyes. The room is pitch black, my hands tight above my head, taped over my mouth, and I can’t move. My head is pounding and blood running over my face. The last thing I remember was a knock over my head. I panic when I tried to get loose, but the rope is too tight. I heard voices and my eyes watered.  “so, you’re the new mistress of Mr. Baker.?”  A tall man asks. His hair is dark with dark brown eyes, dressed in black clothes, and his hair perfectly gelled. He touches my cheek, and I flinched. His eyes turned dark and he smacked me hard in my face. I’m dizzy, I don’t even know what day it is, or what the time is.  “Are you f*****g listening to me.?” the men yelled so loud that I thought for a moment he is going to kill me. Tears are pouring out of my eyes, and I slowly acknowledged.  “Good, now, stop f*****g crying.”  Fear started taking over when he walked closer to me. I have no idea what he wants, or even who he is. I guess by the mention of Griffin’s name, that they know each other.  I hear birds chirping so it must be daytime, or early in the morning.  There was a tiny window on top of the wall, but it’s taped, so you can’t see if it’s daytime or nighttime. I tried to come up with an escape plan, but there is no way out of here. My hands are tight up and the door is locked, possibly with 5 locks. My surrounding is spinning and my head wouldn’t stop prickle. My hands trembling and my body getting ice cold. The tall man is busy in the corner doing God knows what, humming to himself.  My eyes scanned the room one more time for an escape, but the man walked up to me. He removed the tape from my mouth and I can feel the air filling my lungs again.  young Mia, about to graduate from a dance school in New York catches the eye of a young Billionaire that owns a franchise of dance Schools around New York, but she was in for a big surprise when they fell in love and his past starts to catch up with him. Mia had to choose, is loving him enough to stay, or will their love forever be broken.

    ramona els

  • 13.Unexpected Royal Love!

    “You can’t make me, father,” I yelled. My father is sitting at the Kitchen table, ignoring my cry out. “You will honor your family, and do as I say.” My mother is crying outside, my little sister is playing with her toys in the living room.  “Father, please I don’t want to move into a palace, let alone marry a man I have never met.”  “you don’t get to choose, we’re lucky You got chosen since I have no land and no title. You will do this for your family.” my father scowled, standing up from the kitchen table. “come here Daisy,” I called my little sister, who is now only 5 years, but already got chosen to get married when she turns 18 years old. The same age as I am now. I’m supposed to fall in love and make stupid mistakes in life, but my father thought by me marrying a prince will clear up all his guilt and problems.  Elly is the daughter of a farmer just outside Windsor, the English country of Berkshire. The Queen of the Windsor palace found it fortunate to marry her son to a farmer’s daughter, She wanted to break the family culture that her husband and his Father kept for years, or so the stories been told. So she lined up the farmer’s daughters and chose 4 to live in the palace for a month.

    ramona els

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