• 1.The Omega 's fight

    Avery is low on the totem pole , being born to the life of an omega she works odd jobs for the pack until graduation when she will be assigned a perminant job . Her mother was a pack nurse, her father attended to the packs farm . But when a sudden rouge attack happens Avery steps up defending the betas mate and child her position in the pack is re evaluated. oh did I forget to mention she found her mate , don't get to happy because it doesn't end well, what will happen as avery discovers her self in a new light. Warning it may have scenes of violents and unwanted sexual advances that may be triggering to some , read at your own will.


  • 2.Untamed

    Corvan black, Alpha of the moon wolves never had to fight for the affection of any girl let alone the taste of any she-wolf he’s wanted. Until Celine wood came along. She was his mate but he rejected her and craved her at the same time. He didn’t know what he wanted. He wanted her but she was the outcast and he let that influence his decision to reject her. Little did he know she was a lot smarter then he thought and much more desired then he thought. She will make him regret his decision but she will have so much fun doing it. Under major editing!!!

    C. D. Herrera

  • 3.Alpha’s Unwanted Mate

    COMPLETED!! Alpha Tate’s mother died when he was a toddler making him denounce all forms of love and ideas of mates, with only the thought in mind to marry the best and the strongest to make sure the pack would be on top so his father would be proud of him. Beta Alarick has been living his life in a lie that’s slowly tearing at him until one day he just can’t take it anymore. Warrior Lyell is openly gay living in a pack full of those who are against same gender relationships, having to hide his true love or else he will be demoted and banished, along with the one he loves. Omega Adaline lives her life as invisible, a shadow, a servant even in her own household and abused by her family. She grew up knowing if she found her mate they would reject her because of her status. But once she comes of age and finds her mate, he hesitates, keeping her close instead. In the meantime another wolf has his eye on Adaline, making her mate furious. Will Adaline get rejected? Will she ever get her happy ending? And what is the secret about Adaline’s true powers that her wolf is keeping quiet about? *Protector series Alpha’s Unwanted Mate Short stories: Gamma’s Unexpected Love https://www.facebook.com/DImages-Writer-100254588606795/


  • 4.The Contract

    21-year-old Logan is on the run when she is run over by a mysterious man one night. When she awakes, she finds herself hurt and fearing that she has nowhere to go. The only person with her is a handsome guy. Before she can ask who he is, he confesses to hitting her with his car. Shocked, she wants nothing to do with him until he offers her a way off the streets. Work for him in his home in exchange for her silence. What could possibly go wrong...or right?

    T.C. Bosarge

  • 5.Wanted Ugly Secretary

    WANTED UGLY SECRETARY!!! Gavin Salvador is looking for an effective, smart but ugly secretary and he have one special rule, That secretary should never fall in love with him. Dahil sa malaking sweldo napilitan magpangap si Carol bilang "ugly secretary " ni Gavin. Sa likod ng kanyang makapal na blush on at mala-higad na kilay mapapansin din ba ni Gavin ang kanyang tunay na mala-anghel na mukha? makikita din ba nito ang kanyang tunay na kagandahan inside and out? Paano niya mapipigilan tuluyang mahulog ang kanyang damdamin kung sa unang beses niya palang makita ito nagwala na ang puso niya?

    Cecile Vibiesca

  • 6.I am the Luna

    Have you ever woken up from a nightmare only to find that it was real? My name is Allison but everyone calls me Allie. I grew up believing that werewolves and witches were just things you read about in books. That all changed after I woke up two days after I was attacked on my 16th birthday. Not only did I find out that these things were real but that I was one of them. Most of all, I am the Luna from an attaint prophecy. Sounds unbelievable I know but if you want to find out the end you will just have to keep reading.

    natasha walling

  • 7.You're Paid (Book1&2)-SPG

    TAGALOG COMPLETED. WARNING: Not suitable for ages 18 and below. Read at you own risk. (PS. Not your ordinary slave story) BOOK1 -Sa isang kagaya ni Samantha ay gagawin niya ang lahat para sa pamilya. Kaya nang mangailangan ng pera ang nanay niya para sa operasyon nito ay hindi siya nagdalawang-isip na pumasok sa isang high-class bar kapalit ng pagpapakita niya ng katawan. Ngunit dumating ang araw na tinubos siya ng isang hindi kilalang lalaki mula sa malaking pagkakautang niya sa may-ari ng pinagtratrahahuhan niyang club. Akala niya ay may sasagip na sa kan'ya pero nagkamali siya. Mukhang galit na galit sa kan'yaang lalaki at may balak pa na paghigantihan at parusahan siya sa isang kasalanang hindi niya naman ginawa. BOOK2 -Paano kung pagkaraan nang 5 taon ay kailanganin mo ang tulong ng Ama ng Anak mo? Handa ka na bang makita ulit ang taong matagal mo nang kinalimutan? Sapat na ba ang limang taon para maghilom ang lahat ng sugat na ginawa nang nakaraan?


  • 8.The King's mate

    The king of werewolf Ethan Mitchell is a heartless man with a very bad reputation he need to be hard in order to rule his kingdom, he was never ready to find a mate, but the Moon Goddess had other plans for him as she had a very special mate in mind for him. Melania Collins was standing in front of her father she knew he hated her for being a daughter and not the son he wished for. His cold eyes ran over her. At last he spoke " You will never be Alpha of this pack, David will be the Alpha" . David is her father's illegitimate son with the pack whore. It broke her heart to hear that knowing that she is much stronger than David or he father but that she will never reveal to them. She was not allowed to train but she did train in secret with her father's Beta. She never shifts in front of them because she know they will see she is different and it not just because she have alpha blood. She is different to any other wold and she knew it. She also knew she will have to run away ones her half brother became the Alpha because she was warned that he will kill her the day he became Alpha

    Emmarentia Snyman

  • 9.ACE

    (WARNING: Mature. 18+ Only) Laughing, giggling and playing with her friend, Dossam feels someone's eyes on her. She turns around to find him. Ace. Dark, mysterious and breathtaking. A lycan who has his eyes set on her for some dark reason. She doesn't know whether to give in his temptation or to run in the opposite direction.

    Benita Ritz


    21++ "Cariin gue sugar daddy dong!" "Hah? Hidup lu kurang apa lagi, sih, cin?" "Kurang belaian!" "Hahahaha ...." Tawa menggelegar memenuhi kamar kost mewah yang dihuni murid sekolah menengah atas tersebut. *** 21++ Mengandung adegan-adegan dewasa di beberapa atau bahkan di setiap bab nya. harap bijak mencari bacaan. Persiapkan diri Anda karena cerita ini akan menjadi candu yang harus selalu diikuti. Jangan lupa tekan love agar cerita ini masuk ke dalam library kalian. Laura Angelica Soebandriyo gadis cantik yang memiliki segalanya kecuali cinta dan perhatian keluarganya, suatu ketika berada dalam sebuah perjanjian nakal dengan Banyu Samudra seorang lelaki matang yang tengah patah hati. Namun, ternyata hubungan mereka tidak sesederhana itu, banyak konflik terselubung yang pelan-pelan terkuak. Mari kita pecahkan bersama teka-teki kehidupan mereka. (pengumuman. Para pembaca tersayang, novel karyaku ini eksklusif hanya tayang di Innovel dan Dreame kalau kalian nemuin/baca di tempat lain sudah bisa dipastikan itu adalah bajakan/curian. Mencuri karya yang aku buat sepenuh hati dan penuh perjuangan, maka Bismillah aku enggak rela, enggak ikhlas dan mengharamkan novelku dibajak dan diperjual belikan, oleh yang tidak berhak. Pembajak, penjual dan pembeli akan sama-sama menanggung dosanya!)

    Dita Andriyani