• 1.Untamed

    Corvan black, Alpha of the moon wolves never had to fight for the affection of any girl let alone the taste of any she-wolf he’s wanted. Until Celine wood came along. She was his mate but he rejected her and craved her at the same time. He didn’t know what he wanted. He wanted her but she was the outcast and he let that influence his decision to reject her. Little did he know she was a lot smarter then he thought and much more desired then he thought. She will make him regret his decision but she will have so much fun doing it. Under major editing!!!

    C. D. Herrera

  • 2.The Omega 's fight

    Avery is low on the totem pole , being born to the life of an omega she works odd jobs for the pack until graduation when she will be assigned a perminant job . Her mother was a pack nurse, her father attended to the packs farm . But when a sudden rouge attack happens Avery steps up defending the betas mate and child her position in the pack is re evaluated. oh did I forget to mention she found her mate , don't get to happy because it doesn't end well, what will happen as avery discovers her self in a new light. Warning it may have scenes of violents and unwanted sexual advances that may be triggering to some , read at your own will.


  • 3.The rogue

    I was rejected by my mate at age 13 and then again at 16. He was the alpha and I'm a nobody an outcast. He banished me from my home and I have no where to go or anyone to turn to. Then he showed up the rogue. *In process of editing*

    Notasha Pace

  • 4.Family Ties: Amber Eyes series 2

    This is the second of two books. The first book is called Amber eyes/Claimed by the Alpha. In this continuation May and Colton get even closer, they have their ups and downs and find out that May is more special than anyone knew. ------------------ Hera has taken over and gone feral. "Hera!! don't hurt him" I say yelling at her but she doesn't hear me. Hera starts fighting Colton trying to get out of his grasp. She claws him on the arm and that loosens his grip. She tries to run back to her real target but Colton grabs her again, Hera maneuvers herself away from his grasp and lunges at him instead. "NO!! Hera stop!!" I scream at her. But she doesn't, however he wasn't her target. At the right moment she twirls around Colton and runs to her target and jumps, shifting in midair with our clothes ripping. Hera is about to sink her teeth in to her but something hits us hard from the side and we roll on the ground. It's Matt in is wolf form. Hera doesn't care and lunges at him. She starts fighting him with full claws and teeth. He tries to pin us down but he can't, we are just as strong as him. How is this possible, he's a beta? Hera claws at him but he dodges, she looks back at her real target but Matt gets in front, Colton goes to our other side still in human form. Hera growls at them. "Please Hera calm down, don't hurt them" but she doesn't listen. -The writer- Hello again! Thanks for all the support and encouragements. Reminder, English is not my main language so I apologize in advance for my grammatical errors.

    Norisha May

  • 5.Claimed by the Alpha: Amber Eyes series 1

    May Saltsman is someone, who all her life has been rejected by her mother and her pack for being fathered by a rogue. Her amber eyes reminded her mother of the horror that she went through and resented her from the moment she was conceived, so she abandoned her letting her be raised by her grandmother. When her grandmother died, her brother took care of her. The only people in her life that care and love her are her brother Matt and her two human best friends Micah and Greg. She is comfortable with how things are today and even though she is rejected and bullied by her pack, she never lets them get her down. But how will she handle when the next to be Alpha Colton Black starts to show interest in her?....She starts to freak out that's how. -The writer- Hello! English is not my main language so I apologize in advance for my grammatical errors. However, I re-read to find errors and edit the story constantly.

    Norisha May

  • 6.I am the Luna

    Have you ever woken up from a nightmare only to find that it was real? My name is Allison but everyone calls me Allie. I grew up believing that werewolves and witches were just things you read about in books. That all changed after I woke up two days after I was attacked on my 16th birthday. Not only did I find out that these things were real but that I was one of them. Most of all, I am the Luna from an attaint prophecy. Sounds unbelievable I know but if you want to find out the end you will just have to keep reading.

    natasha walling

  • 7.Arranged To Marry The Beast

    She was the bride of the Beast. On her eighteenth birthday, he'd come for her. She was arranged to marry and given to the legendary Son Of The Moon before she was even born. He was entitled to everything that's hers, her heart, mind, soul, her lips, her body and her innocence. But she wasn't his mate and he didn't love her, not even one tiny bit, but he was going to own his virgin bride forever. Her mother had taken something from the Beast, and as punishment, she had to sacrifice her only daughter to him. Blaire, who has never been kissed or had a boyfriend, finds herself stuck in the palace of the King who wants nothing but to destroy her for what her mother did. She has to be in love with him after a year of marriage, or she gets killed. But how can she love a Beast? *what to expect* "You did not let Lucas kiss you, right? Blaire, look at me when I'm talking to you!" Jessica could already imagine his wrath. Without a doubt, she knew he was watching. The Son of The Moon was always watching. Blaire gave her brief side glances, she was too ashamed to look her mother in the eyes. "No, Lucas did not kiss me, mommy, no one has ever kissed me." "Good girl. You know who your lips and innocence are reserved for, right sweetie?" Blaire nodded yet again, her eyes falling to her exposed thighs. "Yes mommy, only my future husband can kiss me, my innocence is reserved for the King of Amborwa."


  • 8.The Contract

    21-year-old Logan is on the run when she is run over by a mysterious man one night. When she awakes, she finds herself hurt and fearing that she has nowhere to go. The only person with her is a handsome guy. Before she can ask who he is, he confesses to hitting her with his car. Shocked, she wants nothing to do with him until he offers her a way off the streets. Work for him in his home in exchange for her silence. What could possibly go wrong...or right?

    T.C. Bosarge

  • 9.Alpha’s Unwanted Mate

    COMPLETED!! Alpha Tate’s mother died when he was a toddler making him denounce all forms of love and ideas of mates, with only the thought in mind to marry the best and the strongest to make sure the pack would be on top so his father would be proud of him. Beta Alarick has been living his life in a lie that’s slowly tearing at him until one day he just can’t take it anymore. Warrior Lyell is openly gay living in a pack full of those who are against same gender relationships, having to hide his true love or else he will be demoted and banished, along with the one he loves. Omega Adaline lives her life as invisible, a shadow, a servant even in her own household and abused by her family. She grew up knowing if she found her mate they would reject her because of her status. But once she comes of age and finds her mate, he hesitates, keeping her close instead. In the meantime another wolf has his eye on Adaline, making her mate furious. Will Adaline get rejected? Will she ever get her happy ending? And what is the secret about Adaline’s true powers that her wolf is keeping quiet about? *Protector series Alpha’s Unwanted Mate Short stories: Gamma’s Unexpected Love https://www.facebook.com/DImages-Writer-100254588606795/


  • 10.My New Alpha

    How do you leave a life you've known for so long to live a completely new one? Well, that's exactly what happened to me, Stephanie Vastia. Living with my mother for nineteen years was a breeze, she was my best friend and we had a perfect life together, however when things go too perfect in your life the universe decides to mess you up. Mom died of a strange illness no doctor knew about, on her death bed she made me swear I would live with my father, and you know how death bed wishes go, you need to fulfill them. But did I mention I've never met my father since I was born? After a year I say "what the heck?", and pack my bags to start a new life with my mysterious father, however, I'm starting to regret my decision because this place reads all kinds of red flags, what exactly was the reason why mom ran from dad?

    Uproar Dobby