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Celestina has spent early years of her life at Grooming Tech, which is a government-run boarding school that all children of different chapters are required to attend and eventually graduate from Career Education School where they are trained on their respective career paths.

When the students turn seventeen, they are trained well in order to fully prepare for Coalesce, the day when all the students are branded with a unique mark on their wrist to incorporate them as Citizens of the chapter, it is also the first time that female and male students are allowed to mingle again as they are trained separately till they turn seventeen since they were able to walk.

A mark is seared into their right wrist where ‘F’ for fertile and ‘I’ stands for infertile. The Career Education of every Citizen is determined by the brand they are seared with.

Celestina is trained to believe from a very young age that her duty is to the Committee.

Seeing the way her mother treats her and the way her friend's parents treat their children, many questions start plaguing her.

The secret of Celestina's birth is revealed, and the truth rocks her life. Celestina sets about on a path to find out about her birth and to expose the truth about the Committee and the secrets they are holding from the citizens of different chapters.


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Chapter: One Hundred

“We are just a speck,” I said dreamily tracing my fingertips along the map that had all these little dots amidst water and these weird – shaped lands, which my mom mentioned are called territories “Can we see them all… mom?”

I am still getting used to the idea of calling her ‘mom’, with Gloriana it never felt right to call her ‘Mother’ but……