The Prince's Dying Mistress

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Most nights I lay under the moon, bathing in it's light. Trying to get rid of this regret and self pity. Trying to forget what I have done. Trying to fight my crazed beast who had witnessed his mate's death.

Just trying. . .

Now I, 'The Prince Of Lycans' ask the moon to end my misery, asking for her forgiveness.

I never believed that I loved her not even when she had tried to convince me to accept the mate bond, when I used her body like she's nothing more than my Mistress, never believed in her not until the moment when she had a blade on her neck looking at me like a broken doll.

Her soul was singing the song of pain.

Broken beyond repair!

I killed her. . . Killed my own soulmate.

Some nights I feel her pain a little more. Now I live in the sadness that always surrounded her.

My regret won't bring her back nor will my tears...


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