His Undercover Secretary


Fernanda Stephanie Romance

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Katelyn Page was in a run from the vile loanshark named Lucas Welsh. Her father left her with a huge debt. She saw her family brutally killed by Lucas one by one before her own eyes.
As Katelyn begged him for mercy, he offered her to sign some agreement with him. An agreement to seduce Mason Prince. LA's most notorious billionaire, his reputation was well known among all the women. Lucas gave her 100 days to seduce him and worked as a secretary at Princeton Tech.

“Tell me, Ms.Page… Why should I hire you?”
“Because I’ll die if you don’t…” I muttered, but he heard it. He was laughing hard. Maybe he thought I was joking. “Why would you die?” he finally asked me back. I clenched my fist under the table.

Little did she know that this is a dangerous game. And there’s no turning back for her once she stepped into this game. With Lucas threatening her with his power. Will she finally won Mason’s heart? And saved her own life from Lucas?


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CHAPTER 106 - Perfect Closure

Mason POV

Kate insisted me on going back to LA last night after I ended the call with Lucia. I guessed she knew that I wanted to go back to LA. I know it was a bad idea to leave her alone with two kids, but she insisted and said she could handle them by herself. She was a little bit skeptical about me being with Lucia since she was Lucas’s……