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She never chose it.

He never wanted it.

But what happened in the past has its way of twisting the future.
The damage was caused eons ago, a time when the ten deities lived in a realm higher than ours.

A realm we can't just reach.

A realm we know nothing about.

A time when shape shifters weren't created by Selene; the moon Goddess, and were yet to be blessed by the other deities.
A time when three children of 6 deities; Rage, Lillith and Sena's love life got messed up.

Rage couldn't reciprocate Lillith's love when he found out that Sena was his mate.
For some unfair reasons, these three died, drowning the heavens in confusion and sorrow.

Countless decades after, now when technology exists on earth and shape shifters roam the earth in secrecy.
Hades being in charge of the underworld, brings back all three children's souls into the body of three werewolves.

Their souls are put in them without the other nine deity's knowledge.
Rage's soul is first released to roam the Earth, searching for a host.
Lillith is released ninety nine years after Rage.
Sena, eight years after Lillith.

That is how everything started.

Three innocent werewolves are in danger.

Three lives are being played with.
Now, the girl with golden eyes.
The one all Alphas desire for powers she possess, powers she knows nothing of. Powers gained from Lillith, who dwells in her.
Accalia is a strong willed independent she wolf.
And In finding her Alpha mate; Tyler Knight ,she wants nothing more than to be his Luna. His mate. His equal.

What happens when the voice in her head wants more. When the 'Being' in her wants to be in charge.
when Lillith comes for something else.

Accalia is unaware of the danger she's in.
She's unaware of the Being in Tyler, her mate.
She knows nothing of the Being in Purple; her little sister.
Things get worse when these hidden 'Beings' in them start making appearances.
The deities have to get involved before the worst things happen.

Will they survive this?
Will things get back to normal, Whatever their normal is?
Will Accalia finally get to be with Tyler in the end?
Actually, what evil schemes does Lilith have in store for her father Eros?

Worst of all, the deities can't destroy her, only the one she loves can, only Rage can.

But will he?


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"You should have told me all this, Lia." I try keeping myself calm so as not to yell at her.

"Have you called for Natalia?." I question Aaryn who manages to keep up with me with Accalia trailing behind.

I know it isn't safe bringing her here but how can I deny her when she kept on insisting.
"No...but I called for so……