The taste of loved ones

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The taste of intimacy is a journey to find the roots of Phuong Nam - a young girl with many dreams ahead, peacefully in the family with her parents and sister, when she suddenly discovered The truth is, I'm just an adopted child. From that moment, all events fell on her head: Mr. Tuan, the adoptive father who always loved Nam dearly, suddenly had an accident and died; Bich, Nam's adoptive mother, abandoned her with a large debt and ran away. At the same time, Ong Sinh, Nam's biological father, suddenly appeared after more than 20 years of imprisonment, always quietly following and protecting Nam. But it was during difficult family times that Nam's love story with a boy named Long rekindled but was quickly extinguished when it encountered opposition from many people. The secrets about Mr. Sinh were then revealed along with the resentments related to the Long family. Meanwhile, Khanh Thy has a special affection for Long and always finds ways to break the relationship between the two...


Tags: darkRise From The Ashes:King from NobodyESCAPING - Suspense/Thriller Writing Contest 1
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