One Hot Night

Jennifer Bernard Romance

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A standalone Jupiter Point novella..ic book artist Mia Grant is fleeing from her ex-boyfriend when she stumbles across a cabin in the woods, where she finds the last thing she expected--a kidnapping victim. Extra bonus that he's the exceptionally attractive Aiden Knight.Aiden has no idea why he was snatched off his college campus and brought to this wilderness cabin, but he suspects it has to do with the hunt for his father's killer. For now, he has a bigger worry--helping his gorgeous rescuer escape her nasty ex, who's still hot on her trail.Add in a thunderstorm and a white-knuckle wildlife encounter, and Aiden and Mia can hardly be blamed when the simmering attraction between them explodes into fiery passion.Years later, back in Jupiter Point ... was their raw hunger the real deal? Or will the slightly older and wiser couple chalk up the adrenaline-filled bliss to just one hot night?


Tags: murderkidnapbxgcampus
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Chapter 10-2

“I changed my mind,” Mia said as they lay on the mattress, sweat cooling on their bodies. Making love with Aiden was everything she’d fantasized about, and more. But she had decisions to make, and as soon as her head had cleared after that incredible experience, they nagged at her. “I’m not going to burn the letter. I’m going to call Kai so he c……