Running Away From A Dragon King

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A Being With A Cynical Mind~

A Being with an obsessive and sinister soul. Kneel before him or he will hollow your bones out and build kingdoms upon kingdoms, thrones upon thrones.

A Being Who Was War In Himself~

The only fire Dragon known to be alive, the fiercest Dragon, the cruelest of them all.

The Rightful King of Dragons~

Who would have thought that a man of no emotions will cry for a little woman, beg for her love, who would have thought that the love of an ane woman will become poison for the King of Dragons, who would have thought that the Rightful King of Dragons will forsake his kingdom for a woman standing on the edge of madness or maybe she was never sane.

'Ines' from the 'House of Untolds' also known as the Unstable Killers.

A woman who will turn a King into a wanderer. A woman who had bought the legendary 'Aidan the Fierce' on his knees.


Aidan Draco roared in pain, he had turned agat his own family for a woman who can’t stop running away from him. The King of Dragons cried his heart out for the first time in his life because finally, he was giving up his chase.

A Dragon was giving up his chase~

He cried because even now he can’t get rid of this nostalgic longing to be near to his bride again.

The King of Dragons had loved and lost~

He knew the pain of attaining something unattainable.


This August Author BestiesBabe invites you to the kingdom of Dragons again to witness a tale of love at its extreme.

Hearts will be broken, loved ones will leave, love will be lost in the Dark forest. Let's witness a tale wrapped in tears of Gold.


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