The Broken Black Sparrow

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Sarah is blissfully unaware of her past, she lives her life happily, contended with herself and what she has. She goes to a school “Dale Academy” in Melbourne. She has always been living a sheltered life. Not wanting to grab attention she would dress in baggy sweatshirts and loose-fitting jeans with a beanie adorning her head.

Dale Academy is a school for kids of different species like werewolves, hybrids, and humans, as the school is on common grounds, everyone is allowed to join except for witches.
The students here are from different packs and clans so there is a lot of jealousy and rivalry. So, obviously, when the new girl comes in, she becomes the center of attention and it is not just a good kind of attention, but bad too.
Soon she is targeted by Nick’s pack members, especially his girlfriend and her minions.

The many secrets of her life are uncovered, and her simple teenage life takes an unexpected turn to a path of destruction.

Will she be destroyed, or will she be the reason for everyone's destruction?

Flip through her life to find out.


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Chapter 132: The Evil in Good

She watched with a smirk as Sarah walked away. There was a sinister glint in her eyes as her smirk turned into a glare "You are going to pay for all the trouble that you caused us!" she muttered under her breath folding her arms over her chest.

Sarah was confused whether her words were meant to be an insult or were they meant to be a compl……