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Callie Drake always felt she had a pretty good life- a loving, if flawed husband of seventeen years, four wonderful children, a comfortable existence nestled in suburban America…he was supposed to be just an uncomplicated “friend with benefits”, a way to explore and expand her and her husband’s already fantastic sex life. For Deegan Anderson, responding to their ad was an impulsive decision made against all normal judgement; a way to break out of his usually conservative shell and perhaps shake off the remnants of his own failed relationships in pursuit of commitment-free fun and pleasure. But hopes of a mindless fling quickly die in the face and body of Callie, and he finds himself drawn to her in ways that neither her -nor her husband- ever considered. One touch and he knows that he must have her in ways never intended...a touch that turns into a taste, a taste that turns into a carnal feast as Callie too finds herself subject to a hunger previously only known within the bounds of her marriage. But as boundary after boundary fall before their insatiable lust, can that marriage survive, or is her nice, neat life lost forever?


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Frost’s POV


I want to lecture Levi on the importance of treating such illnesses, this one is like a plague that until completely erased would only return again and again until there were none left to feed on. The ones who hadn’t fully recovered still carried the disease but if they should fall ill to it again it could spread o……