REVIVED: Vengeance of The Sun And Moon


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The children of the sun and moon have gone through numerous trials throughout their young lives. And the fight has just begun.

With Bellarossa, the bloodletter of inhumans and the Zodiac on the loose, Kazmiyah and Aurora find that they have more in common than they originally thought. Those commonalities are what bring them together in a way to put aside their differences to teach one another to adjust to the life that they were given while searching for the antagonists that made their lives hell.

Can the children of the sun and moon place their feelings unbalanced mentalities aside to get to Bellarossa and the Zodiac?


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Without Aurora

Jeriko burst through the doors of the BloodHaven mansion, the Arctic Pack in tow as well as Abigail and Magdalyn. 

The vampires that had been lounging around immediately got up and struck a defensive pose, all prepared to defend themselves against the intruders.

"What? What's going on here?!" Marlo rushed into the living room. "……