The Wolf Princess and Her 5 Mates


Addie Hayes Paranormal

996 reads

A 8 year old Wolf girl, whose life is turned upside down. Sets out to find the truth. All she wants is to be loved and find where she belongs.

Will she get what she wants or will fate have other plans?


Tags: mateprincessroyalty/noblemoon goddnesswerewolvesfemale leadbetrayalsecretsspiritualgorgeousYoung Adult Fiction Writing Contest Ⅱ
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Moon Goddess

(Adelia's POV)

I feel the heat of the light on me while I'm sleeping, that can only be one person. I instantly wake up and jump out of Antonio's arms. I look straight at the bright light my mother loves to make as an entrance. I bow slightly and then look back at the light particles, that's starting to form my mother.