The Devil's Lover

imagineuphoria LGBT+

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He is known by many names: Satan, Beelzebub, God's Fallen Angel, The Prince of Darkness, The King of the Underworld. In this story, everything you know about Hell's Ruler will change.

Lucifer takes on a different identity during his visit to Earth. He is now Choi Seuljin, a wealthy man from Seoul, South Korea, who travels to Seattle where he meets a very interesting stripper at Glorious G who calls himself J.

Jayce Terrell always had bad luck when it came to men. It was practically a hazard in his line of work. He still tries daily to be the man his mother had hoped he would be, and tries to be everything his father was not.

Despite his best efforts, it seems that the universe will not be satisfied until Jayce has become the sole focus of a mysterious and arrogant man named Seuljin—who's hiding more secrets than Jayce could ever imagine.

There are powers that go beyond the undeniable pull these o have beeen them; opposing forces that will try and try to keep them apart whatever the cost.

Still, they keep coming back to each other.

Once the truth comes out, will either of them survive?


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