Human to werewolf

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My name is Laura, my parents died when I was young, I was passed from foster home to foster home, They never kept me for to long because I always fighting with the other kids, I never got along with the other kids much, no one knew I was a werewolf, today I turned eighteen, I was living in an apartment with my boyfriend Troy, I got off work early to surprise him, I walked inside the door and knew right away something was wrong, I heard noises coming from the bedroom, I walked toward the doors pushing them open, Troy was on top of my so called best friend, I wanted to scream, I wanted to cuss them out, but instead I said nothing, "I hope you two rot in hell!" I turned and left, I left that day with nothing but the clothes on my back, I cleaned out All my bank accounts that he didn't know about, I could live a good life, I finally got into my car looked at the map and closed my eyes and pointed, when I opened my eyes and saw where I pointed at, good ole Montana here I come, come with me and follow me through my adventure when I realize there's a whole new world out there that I never knew about, and I found out I couldn't hide from being a werewolf in werewolf country,


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Chapter 31

How about we make a bet Chad. If I can get rid of her. Look and smell like her, then you become my spy in the pack, you hear anything you have to come to me and tell me. That way I can punished them for talking, put them in the cells, let them rot," he shook his head once more, Hazel,  if you can do this,I'll be your footstool for a year, b……