Is It Really Worth It In The End?

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Mark is in love with his hot cheerleader sister's boyfriend, Jake the quarterback. What is he to do, and as each day passes it gets harder to hide his feelings. He knows for a fact that Jake is straight, but will he give up, will Jake love him all the questions come down to one? Is it really worth it in the end? Follow Mark on his journey through pain, heartache and most of all true love!!!!!


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The End

Mark’s pov. 

'' Did you apologize '' I ask Sam. 

He sighs and nods '' I did.....thanks for forcing me though. He is great '' he exclaims. 

I had to literally fall on my knees and beg Sam to apologize to Jake. I didn't want Jake to leave Kansas without making things right. 

'' How so '' I ask. 

'' I didn't know he ha……