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My name is Sophia Quinn, and this is my story…

You only live once. At least that’s all I know as a teenager. I live my life to the fullest by skipping class and partying all night. Growing up in a wealthy family, I was spoiled and abandoned at the same time by my parents. My family owns the biggest shopping center in New York. You may think that my life was all perfect until an accident took my parents away one day. Leaving me with no other option but to be under the supervision of a legal guardian - Arthur Reed
I found my heart stopped beating as he came closer towards our table. He gave me a sexy smirked as he looked at my surprised face. As if he was plotting something evil for me. That face…that was haunting me since yesterday. His expression now turned cold and serious. He wore a complete working attire today, which made me wonder how ruthless he was as a businessman.

“This is ridiculous!” I muttered. “Mr.Reed, let me make one thing clear…” I barely finished my words, “You can start by moving into my house tonight,” He said more like an order.
I don’t know why my mother chose him as my legal guardian, and I was determined to find out the truth.


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-----Two years later-----


Sophia POV

I had graduated from college last year as I managed to finish my study in three years. Arthur can’t wait to have children from me. So, here I am. I was three months pregnant with my first child. Luckily the bump was not that noticeable because I have to wear a tight dress at J……