Reverse Chronicles

J.M. Chevalier Fantasy

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Josh is the most intelligent student in school. He ranks first in his school rankings and dominates his section. However, his school's student president, Alyssa, proves to be a great rival against Josh. Soon, he developed hostility towards her. As fate would have it, he was told by his teacher to borrow a book from Alyssa. Josh looked for her and found her in the library, reading an old book. As he got closer, he noticed that Alyssa was inspecting a suspicious, yet ornate circle drawn on the book. He wanted to surprise her so he slammed the book, his hand on the circle. At the same time, Alyssa also touched the circle. Suddenly, the circle flashed a blinding light and before Josh's eyes, green fields and meadows appeared. He was laying against hay in somewhat a farm. What most intrigued him is the heavy feeling on his chest. He looked down and was shocked when he felt that he had breasts. He looked for a puddle of water and was about to faint when he saw himself as Alyssa. Now, "he" must figure out what to do in the new world in the body of his rival.


Tags: body exchange/body swapbadgirlkickass heroinebravebrilliantfemale leadmagical worldanother worldfeminismStary Writing Academy II - Adventure Novels
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