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Jessica Thompson is an everyday average gal.

Who happens to have a very popular in brother.

Who also happens to be some-what friends with the most popular guy at school who's girlfriend often shoots mental bullets at her.

And she also happens to make the hit list of the notorious bad boy.

But, that's it.

Everything else is pretty much normal.

Neglecting the fact that the bad boy is sleeping over nearly every night and the popular some-what friend continuously hit on her.


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XL. How Foolish

Jessica’s POV:

I turned around, “How long?”

Jax blew a light breath of relief. With a closer look, I can see the sweats lurking off his forehead. He shouldn’t be sweating, particularly on such a cold day. “Half a year?”

I turned around and walked away.

“Really? Have a heart!” Jax screams.

If I have an eas……