Wolf of Sight


Quinn Loftis Romance

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To become a witch or not to become a witch? That is the question. At least that’s the question Kara, Heather, and Stella, three of the gypsy healers, are facing.  The high fae ambassador, Perizada, the healers, and a host of wolves are in a race agat time to create the witch army that Volcan desires. But they must also keep the gypsy healers, beings of pure light and goodness, from becoming evil in the process. Should be a piece of cake. Meanwhile, the werewolf males are fighting their innate hunger to mark their mates and finish the Blood Rites, thereby keeping their own darkness at bay. If they remain unbound, a C***k forms in the packs’ armor, one that Volcan won’t hesitate to exploit when he finds it.


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Tears streamed down her face and she leaned forward pressing her lips to his. “I might ask you again tomorrow,” she warned.

“And I will tell you the same thing and then kiss you senseless.”

Evanora pressed her forehead to his. “Thank you, Sly. For not giving up. For doing whatever you needed to do to get me back.”