The King's Flame


Zaria Richardson Romance

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Love. Fate. War.

Kira is taken away from her home to become a servant to the Prince of Handar in his military camp. The prince makes her his mistress, but he decides he wants her as his bride - which he cannot do without the king's permission. When his brother denies his blessing, a dangerous game arises in the handarian court; o brothers agat each other and a girl aware of her fate: to give birth to the heir of the throne of the serpents.

Servant, mistress, lady... Divided beeen the prince and the king, Kira counts only on herself to survive in the middle of a war that might change the world forever.

Passion | Virgin | Love-triangle | Medieval


Tags: love-trianglekickass heroinebravemistressqueendramabxgmedievalWriting AcademyWriting AcademyGirlpower Revenge Writing Contest
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Author's note

Words cannot describe this wonderful feeling of finally finishing a book. Writing The King's Flame was a hell of a journey - and I mean this in the best way possible! I had many different plans for this book, but sometimes a single phrase can change a story's entire course. It was a real challenge for me, the last semester of 2020 managed to be ……