The Vampire Detective (Supernatural Detective Series)

C.N. McDonald Suspense/Thriller

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He is a thousand years old vampire who is a monster hunter and she is a small town detective. When a mysterious murder comes up in the small town of Deadfall, Montana. Scarlett Lazarus, the small town detective, starts solving the murder when "special agent" Kai Luther drifts into town taking over the investigation. He is hiding something from her and she intends to figure it out while the investigation leads them down a path she doesn't suspect to go down on. Murder, mystery and maybe even, a romance?


Tags: darkbxgmysterymythologyotherssupernaturalancient
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Chapter Twenty-One

**Scarlett POV**

She could feel it, the grip on life slipping away as she bleed. The darkness was no longer scary, not with the images of those creatures gone and her peace coming for her slowly. In fact she could see the sweet light of peace just ahead of her. As she made her way towards it she wished that Yukon could be with her, but she……