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Let’s get the introduction out of the way. I’m Melanie Blossom and just turned 17. I’m a senior at ridge field high and by paper I’m a pretty bright student by assumptions I’m the pretty popular girl and by blood I’m a warrior.

I’m 5’9 with green eyes with ombré brown, blonde waist length hair and caramel skin. I have the typical athletic build of a teenage girl that trains atleast 5 days a week twice a day. I’m not a fitness freak if it was up to me the closest to running I’d do is a maccas run. For those of you who don’t know what that is you probably don’t go to McDonald’s that much.. but being in the blossom family requires me to be fit.

Don’t let my name or features fool you, I’m not your typical teenager. My father taught me to fake it till I make it and I don’t see the harm in putting up a front, i mean it’s high school.

This I guess is basically my story about love, deceit, and good old fashion karma.


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