Resisted by an Alpha

The dreamer Paranormal

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Nisha Goenka-
A sweet, innocent and quiet girl. She has bad temper like really bad.
She can handle verbal abuse but not physical.
If anyone tries to bully her then only God knows what will happen to that poor soul.
After the death of her only family her father, she has completely shattered into pieces.
She never tells about her feelings to anyone not even to her best friends.
What will happen when she is introduced to the world of Werewolves?

Aaron Carter-
He is strong, arrogant and Alpha of Crescent Moon Pack,one of the strongest packs in the world.
He is possessive about his things and don't give a f**k about anyone.
He is a Playboy and clearly not craving for a mate.
And one thing about him is that he is not so friendly with humans.
But what will happen when he finds his mate who is a human girl?
Will he accept her and love her madly? Or
Will he reject her and resist the mate bond?
Let's find out!


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