Love at First Light

Jennifer Bernard Romance

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One week can change everything…
Private investigator Ethan James has had one too many brushes with death. But his newest case should be simple—it’s just a birth-parentssearch in stunning Lost Harbor, Alaska, helping out the local police chief. But as everyone knows, strange things happen in the tiny remotetown. From day one, everything seems to go wrong. The last straw? He suddenly has a sidekick he never expected—the super sexy, endlesslyquirky local baker.
Nothing is more important to Sweet Harbor Bakery owner Jessica Dixon than her friends—especially her BFF, Police Chief Maya Badger. When Maya has to drop a side investigation close to her heart, Jessica is determined to prove she has her back. Of course, she knows nothing about investigating. But she has her knowledge of the area, her uncanny intuition, and of course, her trusty crystal. Oh, and the help of the ridiculously gorgeous but entirely too cynical Ethan James. What could go wrong?
When these opposites attract, Jessica may come down to Earth long enough to find love, while Ethan might learn to trust his heart instead of his head…if they make it out of the wilderness alive.


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Chapter 32

Chapter Thirty-Two

Three weeks later

“So, S.G. Since it turns out you have a name—a couple of them, actually—what do you want us to call you?” Ethan smiled at the teenager. He had a special affection for her because her case was the first success of The James Agency 2.0 Everyone on the Misty Bay peninsula had heard abou……