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He pinned me to the wall his face were inch away from mine , I turn my face because of smell of alcohol suffocating my breath " you are disgusted with me aren't you ? " He asked in his deep husky voice . Tears filled my eyes , I press my lips together trying not to utter any word .

" ANSWER ME !" His dark grey eyes filled with fury .

'' y- yes " I cried , my body shaking violently in fear .

He lean near my ear , I turn my face closing my eyes shut tightly " So am I " he spat before walking away leaving me shattered into pieces .

What I have gotten myself into ???

Khalid Mirza most feared Mafia in Pakistan . He is ruthless, cold hearted and dangerous . His one glance can make a full grown man pee to himself .He was tortured to be strong to rule the world without any fear there is no humanity in him.

Amira Sultan is a beautiful soul filled with light , her smile is enough to make someone days , Her heart is soft like a petal and her mind is strong like a rebel . All she wanted to do is survived this life with her evil sister and a step mother breathing down her neck and a job which doesn't pay well .

what happen when her step mother trick her to marry the most ruthless Mafia to save her daughter ?

what happen when Khalid is hell bent on making her life hell ?

will she able to survive??

join their roller coaster journey.... a journey worth remembering .


Tags: forbiddenpossessivearrogantpowerfulsweethumorousrealistic earthspiritualhusbandvillainStary Writing Academy III
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Chapter 32

Be happy for this moment. .


" What " he narrowed his eyes .

" What ? What " I pretend to innocent 

" Did you say you like me ?" He questioned towering his height over me.

Oh no think , think Amira think or else you feel forever lifetime embar……


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