The Land Below our Feet II (Unleashed) Ongoing

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Ongoing.Free. No Coins.Warning. Frequent mature content. This is Book II of the series THE LAND BELOW OUR FEET.

Souna held to his broad shoulders as she took every thrust with a crescent pleasure building within her, her moans fading into the night... Carried away by the salty drafts of air blowing around them.

Her hand reaching for his jaw and cupping it tenderly, her eyes fixated on him as she admired every inch of his breathtaking face and distractedly wondered how she could ever deserve to behold such perfection.

The way his features contracted and twitched while he shoved himself inside her throbbing gap, the measured strength with which he manipulated her at his will, his biceps clenching as he slid his massive virility in and out with growing appetite.

His heavy grunts letting her know how enraptured he was in his actions and filling her with a sense of utter pride. The powerful awareness of being the reason for his arousal driving her directly to the peak of her own stimulation.

-Let me hear you sweetheart – Ussi muttered heatedly into her ear, nibbling on her lobe and pushing himself purposefully deeper in...


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