Little Mermaid (Skylar)


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Immortality, both a gift and a curse. When she was given life, you are here. As she grows, you are here. And as her soul leave this world, you are still here.

Many believe that the Gods held a reason for everything that he condemns, but that is utterly fallacious as he only open the paths for you, at which you are the one who chooses which road to take.

Now tell me, which path shall you choose?

Eternal happiness with the woman whom you lost or a sad love with the one who brought you to your knees.

Or, perhaps, you choose to stay a coward and turn your back towards both leaving with the thought of what if lingering in the back of your mind forever haunting your eternal soul.


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XXXIII. Limitations

Skylar’s POV:

I flopped down on the bed and turned my body towards the side. I cannot believe I kicked Sebastian out like that. I had to call the guards earlier to escort him away. But I had to do it. I couldn’t force him to leave the room myself.

If I did, right now, he would’ve been on top of me.

His bare sculpted ches……