The Black Heritage


Juvy Boquecosa Paranormal Urban

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What would you do if you are reincarnated or travelled in another world by chance but in a chaotic period where monsters trying all means to kill you?

If you want to know, try this book a ride.

Ethan Saunders accidentally brought in a new world by the electromagic wave and he reincarnated to the body of his own parallel self which he gained o gorgeous and loving brothers, Logan and Brayden. Unfortunately, monsters wanted to kill him because they regard him as their treat of consuming humans as their food. Because Ethan's identity was not simple. If he uncovered it, even himself, would get scare if he was unable to control it.

Meanwhile, Saunders Brothers weren't that rich. Brayden was just a mere model while Logan was a doctor. If there was a property to call that their parents left to them, it was the only antique mansion and a five hectares farm land. Aside from it, they had an unmentionable heritage that their parents wished not to dig out. But, Logan and Brayden didn't manage to escape from it. Intentional or unintentional, the o brothers would do anything for Ethan not to inherit such heritage. Because it was dangerous.


Tags: reincarnation/transmigrationno-couplescaryboldapocalypseanother worldslow burnspecial ability70 Days Themed-writing ChallengeRebirth Fiction Writing Contest
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