Billionaire's Abused Bride

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Carina just laid there beside an empty dumpster. Her mind filled with fog, her body frozen to a point where she wasn't able to lift even a single finger.

She was at their mercy, unable to do anything else than to just count how many pairs of hands were touching her.

Pathetic, that was how she felt. . .

Vulnerable to a point where she wanted to scream but no sound came out of her mouth.

She wasn't able to fight the monsters off her body. Silent tears streamed from her eyes. She could see them, feel them but couldn't fight them.

16 years old Carina just laid there like a corpse, the only difference was that she was alive.


"Look me in the eye and tell me what do you see Dragon?" Carina whispered.

"I see my bride, a pure soul, a woman I have fallen for." The Dragon rasped in his deep voice.

"Then look again, look again until you can see the darkness, the rotting flesh. Look again until you figure out why you need to stay the hell away from a woman like me." Carina closes her eyes as a lone tear escaped from them.

Standing on her tiptoes she placed her lips gently agat the Billionaire Gold Merchant for the last time.

The Dragon was too blind to see that she was a monster he should fear, not a woman he should love.

A woman who once was a little girl. A little girl who used to had her head in the clouds, not coming down. A girl who was full of love and joy. A girl who had once fallen and hadn't gotten up since then.

Warning mature content.


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