Billionaire's Childhood Love


Quinn Romance

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Joshua Greyson and Hailey Vaughn had always been infatuated with each other for as long as they can remember.

Joshie Pooh is Hailey's Prince Charming.

Hay Bug is Joshua's Cinderella.

The story should be as simple as a Happily Ever After, but reality proves to be otherwise.

With the acceptance of Pandora Academy, one of the most prestigious high schools in the world, Hailey must navigate and conquer through all the dramas, heartbreaks, and nasty rumors to stand beside her childhood crush.


Tags: friends to loversmanipulativegoodgirlself-improvedheir/heiresssweetbxgWriting challenge
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Good morning,

I want to inform you that Billionaire's Childhood Love is no longer available on Dreame. 

Billionaire's Childhood Love will now be available on my Book Net account. 

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