YOU’RE MINE (Arranged Marriage of the Two Genius)


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“What? Hell, no! I am not going to marry that self-proclaim genius and too narcissist!!! I rather die!"
“Accept it or not. We have nothing to do because that is what they want."
“Seriously, Yuki? Are you insane?"
“I am damn serious, Kyoko."

This story was based on the two first geniuses of the country and generation. Their eminent disseminated across the whole world as one of the highest and outstanding genius of the 21st century and above all living things including Albert Einstein himself, the person who was holding the title and the peoples the favorite genius of his time because of the incredible IQ he possessed. Nevertheless, the new titleholders avowed as they've proven their power that no one will reach, their names are YUKI VENN L. FRANCISCO and YAMASHITA KYOKO who are well-known as THE TWIN STAR because of the flying colors, twinkling and towering achievements they have above the sky.


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After the wedding

At the reception, Yuki and Kyoko are in the middle while Jen and Akari are the speakers.

“Let's have a simple game. We will ask the questions and all you have to do is to answer them honestly,” Akari announced.

Then, Yuki and Kyoko are both sitting in separate chairs in the m……