The First Female Alpha

C.N. McDonald YA&Teenfiction

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Once the outcast a very unfortunate night for her becomes a life of new opportunities. Everyone knows to avoid the woods on a full moon because bad things happen, but when school bully and ex best friend Dominic takes Serena into the woods one night to show her how much she means to him things take a turn for the worse. She is left for dead but when she shows up a few days later, healed and hotter then ever he know he made a big mistake. Now she must battle her way through her teen yes, high school, being a werewolf and the sudden surges of powers no female wolf has ever possessed. A fun story full of adventure, revenge and female empowerment.


Tags: alphadarkkickass heroinebxbgxgbisexualwerewolvespackabusebetrayalYoung Adult Fiction Writing Contest ⅡWerewolf/Billionaire LGBT+ Writing Contest Ⅱ
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Now You've Done It

**Sebastian's POV**

"Now you've done it Sebastian! She just took off and she is still dangerous." Caleb was on his feet the moment Serena took a step out of the office. He was walking around the desk in alpha mode but Seb stood in front of him quickly. 

"She won't listen if you go after her like that. She will only snap again an……