His Contract Bride

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“You got to be kidding me, this can’t be true,” he said aloud.

“What’s wrong, teme? Did he leave you o companies tead of one?”

“No, it’s not funny dobe. He wants me to form a family within 6 months or my older brother will become the CEO.”

“What? Really?”

“Yeah… There are 2 options: or my dad was ane when he was writing his testament or I am drunk and can’t read anymore. Please let it be the second option.”

It is a sequence of Accidental Pregnancy.

According to the testament of Nate Nara needs to find a wife within 6 months if he wants to become the CEO of Nara enterprises. There is just one problem: Noha Nara doesn't believe in love. What will he do to have a fortune of his father? What will happen when he meets certain someone? Will that certain someone able to change his mind?


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