The dragon's mate

shivani sharma Fantasy

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It's a story of how Cassandra and Rudra face the obstacles and save the dragon world from ruled by Evil and darkness and have their happy ending. When I open my eyes and meet with the beautiful ocean blue eyes that I always see in my dreams.

"Mine," the owner of the eyes said in a husky voice which makes me shiver in pleasure.
Cassandra Paul is a dragon but she didn't know about it because his parents teleport her with her uncle to the earth when she born to save her from the monster name Lucian, so that she can save the dragon world from ruled by evil and darkness Lucian. She lives on the earth with his uncle as a normal human being until she met Rudra. Rudra Mcknight is the king of another kingdom of the dragon world who has been finding his mate for a hundred years and who have been 121 years old fell to the earth wounded while fighting with the Lucian and meet his mate, Cassandra. From her uncle, he gets to know the way to defeat Lucian and his army. After that, both of them return to their world and Rudra goes back to his kingdom to prepare for the war and sent one of his best men with Cassandra to find the holy sword. Will they able to find the holy sword and save their world or will Cassandra die while trying to save their world.


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