Falling for the Playboy... Again

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"The most thing I hate and will always hate is you... keep that in mind."
"Well... babe, there is a thin line between hate and love!"

Is it? Is there a thin line between love and hate? Well, even if there is, I won't let that happen. I won't fall for him again. I did a mistake; I won't do the same mistake again and again.

The IT girl, Tamara and the flirtatious playboy, Talon used to be best friends when feelings got involved and misunderstandings and insecurities seeped in ruining a close-knit friendship and they turned rivals. However, love barges back into her life when he comes back. With his charming self, he stirs drama and creates chaos in her perfect life and she’s forced to rethink the past.

From Bad Boy’s Good Girl comes another love story but this time this is about Tamara Lockwood and Talon Patterson. One despises the other while the other loves to get into the skin of the one. Putting these two in a room means commencing World War 3 and 4 altogether.

Will they cross the line or be friends or remain rivals, they have to decide… or maybe she could actually fall in love with the playboy again?


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