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"We are the Cosa Nostra or as the Americans would call us the Italian Mafia. And I am their leader, and you, my wife, aren't going anywhere."

Angelica, birth into the life of the wealthy, only to be strip of status by her so-called father unfaithfulness towards her mother. Through a bitter divorce; the modern day princess became a complete nobody. With suffrage and loss, Angelica learns that happiness does not settle in money; but family.

Moreover, with a single blast from the past, Angelica soon discovers that she must do much more than bringing home a paycheck to protect her rather peculiar family.

Then, there is that seductive man with electric blue eyes who will give her an offer she has no choice but to accept.

"Your job is simple really, just stay by my side."


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XXXI. Spring Day

Anthony walked out with blood splattered all over his coat; Drew didn’t say a single word.

His head lowers, and he opens the door.

The drive was long, agonizingly insane.

Anthony turns his head towards the tinted window and rests his elbow against the car door. His eyes drift into the woods, one tree after another.

He rem……