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All Miguel wanted to do ever since he was a child was to destroy his father for hurting his mother because of his other woman. When he found out that he had a half-sibling, his ultimate goal became two. It was to destroy his father and the sibling he loathed so much.

After 12 years, Oscar, Miguel’s father, found out that the woman he was seeing before died because of heart disease he immediately went to get his child.

Miguel was extremely surprised when the sibling he planned to destroy was a 17 years old girl. His sister Thea.

Miguel started having intimate dreams with her. A dream a brother shouldn’t have with his sister. Lustful desires grow in him, and it grows stronger.

What happens when he starts wanting her?


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Chapter 55 - The Ending


Damn it's unfeasibly hot in here, or is it just me? Perhaps it's just my hormones, which are without a doubt wreaking havoc with my body temperature these days. Plus it doesn't exactly help matters when I'm unapologetically perving at a very sweaty, open-shirted Brett.

Yeah I know, it's bad. Even now the sight of him still mak……