The Dragon's mate

Dreamer Fantasy

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I am an orphan with simple dreams. I am disliked by the current warden. My life is not an easy one. I hope that I can pass out of school with good marks, study at a university and later work at a factory. However, life rarely goes as planned. A new boy named Jake has recently gained admission to my school. I am sure that he is the guy who will break many hearts. I decide to avoid him at all costs. Unknown to me he is connected with my past. With him by my side I might find out that I am not as ordinary as I think myself to be.
I am nearly two hundred years old. In the ordinary mortal world I am not more than twenty-one. It would not be wrong to say that I stopped aging after twenty-one. Dragons have a long life. If they desire then, they may drink the life elixir and attain immortality. As the next in line to the crown, I'm expected to drink this elixir. But, I am a hard nut to crack. I'd drink it only if I meet my soul mate. I wonder who she'd be. I wonder where she is. I've been waiting for too long. I hope that, when we meet, she accepts me. I don't care whether or not she is powerful.
My mother has been forcing me to marry her best friend's daughter, a dragon of noble lineage. I am not interested. I have left the palace and gone off in search of her. I wonder whether I'd meet her. I wonder if she will accept my love? In this journey, will I live or will I die?
I am a vampire prince. I have been on this planet for long. Being a magical being I stopped ageing at twenty-one like all other magical folks. I have always controlled my life. However, when Emily enters my life, I realize that I give her more concessions than I normally would. Is it love? Or do I simply feel protective about her? Afer all our mothers were best friends.


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