Chased By A Dragon King

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Beware of the Ruler Of The Skies~

He can turn your bones into Ashes with the Moondust that he holds in his lungs and fire in his eyes.

The descendants of the Gods, the King of the Dragons~

Females melt just by his single brilliantly blazing gaze but the heart of the King Of Dragons had always sought a female he did not know the name of.

His fated bride~

He has chaos in his soul, only his fated bride can bring him to peace.

But who would have thought that a legendary being like him will fall for a perfectly flawed mess.

An ordinary human girl~

A weird entomologist who had been stabbed in the back by those she had needed the most, lied by those she had loved the most.

Sky, a perfectly broken mess.

Join Sky on her alluring journey of romance where she will be thrown in the world full of Monsters of myth, ghosts and a King who wants to steal her little broken heart.

Let's witness together A Tale filled with dark magic, Tender Hearts, tears, flaws, heartbreak, uncertainties and above them all love wrapped in gold.

Lots and lots of gold~

This December Author BestiesBabe invites you to the fantasy world of the Kingdom of Dragons.


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