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Athena has been living a lie her whole life, in the human world. Unknowing that her stepfather, Raymond Smith, is a rogue wolf. Her mother, Dawn, is secretly a witch. She knows nothing of her father. Her best friend, Vee, is a wolf as well and mates to a Beta Wolf, Darien, from a nearby pack. Athena has been living such a human life she mistakenly mated with a human to produce a son. One night she is invited to a party with her bestfriend and that is when she meets him. Her MATE. Abaddon is Among the party for his ceremony as the new Alpha of the Harvest Moon Pack. He sees her, his mate. But he doesn't understand, how can he have a mate that is a human. Soon he will understand and the world Athena once thought she knew will come crumbling down. Secrets will come to light. And now she must decide if this is a world her Human son should be apart of.


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Abaddon's POV

"Two weeks! It has been two weeks," Luca was growing impatient.

"It has not been two weeks yet. We will see her soon enough amd she will know," I tried to reassure him.

We had not seen Athena in almost two weeks. Luca had been going stir-crazy in the back of my head since we last seen h……