The Powerful King of the Elves

Emmarentia Snyman Fantasy

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In the Magical Kingdom of Granadia lies the kingdom of the High Elves. The most ancient and powerful Elven race in the kingdom. The fancy castle in the middle of the kingdom looks magical and majestic. These are the ruler of all Elven races. The wood elves have a long time ago forsaken the Elven kingdom and denounced their king. They are fay folk and live close to nature. They have their kingdom as the arrogance of the High Elves made them sick. They are not at war, but they do not mix. Their kingdom is called Florentina. King Arlolon rules the High Elves. Queen Aerin rules over the wooden elves. They never have contact with the arrogant High Elves.
Until today, today they have to meet as a common threat is threatening both their Kingdoms. King Arlolon waits patiently for Queen Aerin to arrive. It will be the first time they meet. Arlolon's and Aerin's parents died in the battle of Normadia, fighting together. Arlolon is not looking forward to seeing the barbaric wood elven Queen. The high elf looks down on the wood elves and will never mix with them unless it is an emergency like now. Dressed in green tides with steel armour and a cape made out of wolf skin, the hooded figure of the wood elf appears in the clearing. Arlolon, dressed in his pure white tides and golden armour, looks at the figure in disgust. He can not see her face as the hood of her cape covers her face. She walks closer with a smile on her face, so the arrogant king came himself. He even has a golden crown on his head. She lifts her hood, and her crown of wood, leaves, and flower shows who she is, but Arlolon is not staring at the crown. He is staring at the most beautiful face he has ever seen. Aerin is indeed a beautiful creature with her long white hair and eyes as blue as the skies. Aerin stares back at the blue eyes of Arlolon. His dark hair is shoulder length, and his body is strong and proud. They stare at each other, and a forbidden love is born.


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