The Z Survivors

CJ Reign Fantasy

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Everyone's having a normal life. Going to work, school or in an outing. Some are preparing for different things while others are facing various problems. It's just a usual day. Not until when "it" started spreading. No one knows the reason why. It was like a bubble that popped up all of a sudden.

My name is CJ. I was on school when it all happened. We were faced with different expressions as we saw "them". Chaos appeared out of nowhere.

Surviving in this kind of environment seems impossible. "They" just keeps on evolving. While us, still the same human with no special powers rema here trying to live. Will there be an end to this? Will things change in the future? Could the tables still be turned in this situation?

As we continue on living, we faced different people. They could be separated into o. Either good or evil. All we have to do was to survive. But keeping in contact with each other is a necessary factor. Who knows what their intention is?

I'm sure there's a reason for why this things are happening to us. And that reason could help us solve this mystery. I'll definitely search for it. For now, I should survive.


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