Billionaire's Ex-Wife


Quinn Romance

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Vivian Blanc had always love Liam Everhart ever since she laid eyes on him.

With a stroke of luck, Vivian received an engagement with Liam through a marriage contract.

For Vivian, their wedding was the best day of her life.

Liam had other thoughts.

After a year of marriage, their relationship ended with Vivian leaving in tears and a broken heart.

Now the question rema. Can Vivian move on from her first love, before their paths cross once again?


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LXII. Expresso

At that moment, the dream came crashing down, and everything went dark. The artificial lights from outside lingered inside the room; Vivian could barely see her face as she sat upward. She attempted to calm herself down, not wanting to get back into her old habits of assumption. “Why?”

Liam sat upward; he didn’t dare look at her.