The Grey Wolves Series Collection Books 1-3


Quinn Loftis Romance

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Begin the award-winning Grey Wolves Series with the first three books:  Prince of Wolves, Blood Rites, and Just one Drop. The Grey Wolves Series follows the adventures of three high school seniors, Jacque, Jen, and Sally, as the girls are introduced to the hidden world of the Romanian grey wolves. The grey wolves' universe is populated with dominant Alpha male werewolves who slowly succumb to the darkness within them unless they find their true mates. It just so happens these three ladies are destined to become true mates to some of the most powerful males in the Canis lupus world. But destiny won't be fulfilled without a fight. Female Canis lupus are few and far beeen, and sinister dominant wolves will rise to challenge for the right to mate with these new, unique females. The ensuing chaos will undermine the strength of the packs, just when a new threat to the Canis lupus world emerges, one that can only be defeated by the strength that comes from the special union of true mates. 


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Decebel gathered rope, flashlights, and water. Costin was waiting along with Fane, Skender, and Sorin.

"Thad's pack bailed with him," Fane announced.

Decebel growled. "We will deal with him once Jennifer is safe."

"Vasile and Alina are under guard. They should be safe enough here, for now." So……