When Love Walks In


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People say that in life, we'll never get what we want and that things always go the way we don't want it to be. Well, I guess that's true, for me at least. Or maybe I'm just not grateful for what I already have. I just don't remember those times when things seem to be perfect.

  Maybe I should be thankful that this girl entered my life. Maybe I should be thankful that I met her. Or maybe it'd be better if I didn't meet her, for I will not have to go through the pain of love and all the sacrifices.

  If only I could turn back time, if only I confessed earlier then maybe I would be the one walking beside her now, not my friend. I would be the one to comfort her when she's sad, I would be the reason for her smile and I would be the one driving her home every day.

  Because she was like the sunset, beautiful and charming.

  She was like the cherry on top of my cake, the best part of my life.

  She was my whole universe, my everything

  I love you. I always have.


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Chapter 12

He stopped up short the instant he reached her door. He didn't know why or how he knew, but he was absolutely certain she wasn't there. There was stillness to the apartment he could feel in his bones. The place was empty.

Turning away, he scanned his eyes over the city. But if not here, then where?

His eyes fell on a……