Just a Nerdy Werewolf

tess ebner Paranormal

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April is an unpopular, arkward and painfully lonely girl with a big secret. She is a werewolf. Fools believe that werewolves change at full moon, but these are all just lies told in fairy tales. April never knew her father but all she knows is that he was a wolf, hiding this fact to her mother. April wants to see her father and discover the truth about her family history....meeting a curious male black wolf on the way who causes all her tincts to get muddled....


Tags: revengefatedsecond chancefriends to loversdramabxg
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I stared up at the sky, the rain falling softer, pattering lightly upon the drenched grass and sliding from the smooth autumn leaves above. 

When I glanced over at Vane, sat next to me on the grass, I saw that he was already looking at me, his sapphire eyes were soft and filled with a strange expression I could not quite determine, th……