The Gang Leader and the Fighter

Blake Jay YA&Teenfiction

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Reagan Peyton Hayes is a nerd by day and a fighter at night. She doesn't let anyone in and nobody doesn't know she is the undefeated fighter. She goes by 'Lexi' when she is fighting so nobody knows who she is. She had a heavy past and doesn't allow anyone in her to help. 
Introducing Seth Jay Parker the leader of the most feared gang in United States. He's cocky, super attractive. He can get any girl he wants but he has his eyes set on 'Lexi'. Everyone at school know he is in a gang, but they don't stay away they kiss his feet. Not literally, you know what I mean.
What happens when Reagan and Seth are paired up doing self defence. Will Reagan show how strong she is? Will Seth figure out who she is? Will she let go of the past? 
Find out...


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